Tasty N Sons Brunch

Tasty n Sons very much a part of the Portland Brunch scene

Tasty n Sons very much a part of the Portland Brunch scene

3808 N Williams Ave, Ste C,
Portland, OR

(503) 621-1400
Tasty n Sons
Oh we have been to Tasty n Sons plenty of times, including having a company party there. So that tells you how much we believe in this place. What we had not done was breakfast or brunch there. Not sure how that got over looked, but we finally did remedy that.

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Tea of the Month Club Giveaway


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try this tea from Plum Deluxe. I loved the Oregon Breakfast tea (I know call me boring) but this one had such a great robust flavor. I love a good black tea, and it was not your typical Tazo tea. The Chai tea … [Continue reading]

Carioca Bowls

Warm welcoming entrance after you have walked through a beautiful garden space.

827 NE Alberta St. Portland, Oregon (971) 339-2969 Carioca Bowls One time I tried an Acai bowl in Southern California. It was a fond memory involving my good friend, waves by the ocean and a new experience, but I had no idea what I was eating, I … [Continue reading]

Industrial Cafe

Great place for brunch, Industrial Cafe

2572 NW Vaughn St Portland, OR (503) 227-7002 Industrial Cafe What I thought we were going for and what we got were 2 very different things, but in a good way. I thought this place was like diner food, which is not my favorite. Instead we get … [Continue reading]

Henry’s Tavern

Beer, it's what's for dinner at Henry's Tavern

10 Nw 12th Ave Portland, OR (503) 227-5320 Henry's Tavern I'm a huge fan of beer so when I got invited down to try Henry's I was in! The beer list is extensive. It's divided up by kinds of beer. Say you are an IPA drinker like myself, … [Continue reading]

Chicken and Guns

Simple menu from Chicken and Guns

1207 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 503 395-8899 Chicken and Guns It's been a long time since I ate at some place and ran home to write a review of it in the same day. But this place is so amazing I just need to share, especially while the … [Continue reading]


kanpachi crudo                                      14
many radish salad, smoked pine nuts, daylily, lychee, mentaiko

1733 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR (503) 287-2400 Aviary I can't tell you how many times I have walked past this place and said "That's on my list!" So you can imagine how funny it was to sit outside and watch people walk by and say "We … [Continue reading]

Smith Teamakers

Nothing like a beautifully blended pot of coffee

1626 NW Thurman St Portland, OR (503) 719-8752 Smith Teamakers Today was one of those days when I remembered why I love writing for EatingMyWayThruPortland. Every now and then I get to do some cool experiences and today was one of those days … [Continue reading]

Gigi’s Cafe

Gigi's Cafe Eggs Benedict

6320 SW Capitol Highway Portland, OR (503) 977-2233 Gigi's Cafe Almost 2 years ago I had a post about a fabulous food cart called Gaufre Gourmet. This food cart was, and still is, cranking out some pretty awesome Liege waffles in Downtown … [Continue reading]


Great Portland breakfast spot, Sweedeedee

5202 N Albina Ave Portland, OR (503) 946-8087 Sweedeedee This place is as sweet as every single picture you have seen. I have read that there is quite a line at this place, so we got there very early on a Saturday morning and didn't have much … [Continue reading]