Great place to eat located in the Zipper

Great place to eat located in the Zipper

2707 Ne Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR

(503) 741-9390

We ordered the wrap and the bowl. Falafel… something that I have tried numerous times and each time I’m walk away thinking “that was just ok.”  The owner of Chickpeadx contacted me right after they opened. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t in a hurry because I’m not a huge fan. They are now located inside The Zipper, which is great place by the way. I knew there would be other [Continue reading]

The Bowl & Berry

Check out this new locally owned eatery at Bridgeport Village

4708 NW Bethany Boulevard (Suite E-10) Portland, OR 7401 SW Bridgeport Road Tigard, OR 503-746-7383 The Bowl & Berry The only thing I love more than stumbling upon good food is stumbling upon good food that has a great story. I was invited … [Continue reading]

Favorites of 2015

Beet Salad from American Local

I got harassed by a restaurant owner (you know who you are) who said I hadn't been to any new places lately. She had been checking in on my blog and had noticed I had no new posts. Although I knew she was totally kidding since we had been in to her … [Continue reading]

Tasty N Sons Brunch

Chocolate Potato donuts. Don't skip these!

3808 N Williams Ave, Ste C, Portland, OR (503) 621-1400 Tasty n Sons Oh we have been to Tasty n Sons plenty of times, including having a company party there. So that tells you how much we believe in this place. What we had not done was … [Continue reading]

Tea of the Month Club Giveaway


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try this tea from Plum Deluxe. I loved the Oregon Breakfast tea (I know call me boring) but this one had such a great robust flavor. I love a good black tea, and it was not your typical Tazo tea. The Chai tea … [Continue reading]

Carioca Bowls

Warm welcoming entrance after you have walked through a beautiful garden space.

827 NE Alberta St. Portland, Oregon (971) 339-2969 Carioca Bowls One time I tried an Acai bowl in Southern California. It was a fond memory involving my good friend, waves by the ocean and a new experience, but I had no idea what I was eating, I … [Continue reading]

Industrial Cafe

Great place for brunch, Industrial Cafe

2572 NW Vaughn St Portland, OR (503) 227-7002 Industrial Cafe What I thought we were going for and what we got were 2 very different things, but in a good way. I thought this place was like diner food, which is not my favorite. Instead we get … [Continue reading]

Henry’s Tavern

Beer, it's what's for dinner at Henry's Tavern

10 Nw 12th Ave Portland, OR (503) 227-5320 Henry's Tavern I'm a huge fan of beer so when I got invited down to try Henry's I was in! The beer list is extensive. It's divided up by kinds of beer. Say you are an IPA drinker like myself, … [Continue reading]

Chicken and Guns

Simple menu from Chicken and Guns

1207 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 503 395-8899 Chicken and Guns It's been a long time since I ate at some place and ran home to write a review of it in the same day. But this place is so amazing I just need to share, especially while the … [Continue reading]


kanpachi crudo                                      14
many radish salad, smoked pine nuts, daylily, lychee, mentaiko

1733 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR (503) 287-2400 Aviary I can't tell you how many times I have walked past this place and said "That's on my list!" So you can imagine how funny it was to sit outside and watch people walk by and say "We … [Continue reading]