Chicken and Guns

Chicken and Potatoes from Chicken and Guns in SE Portland

Chicken and Potatoes from Chicken and Guns in SE Portland

1207 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR
503 395-8899
Chicken and Guns

It’s been a long time since I ate at some place and ran home to write a review of it in the same day. But this place is so amazing I just need to share, especially while the weather is so great. You get to enjoy this awesome food cart in a great pod, while taking in the sun.

I had heard this place went in an even had someone tell me we needed to go because it was spectacular. So with the bar raised high, we went in to see just how great this place was. [Continue reading]


kanpachi crudo                                      14
many radish salad, smoked pine nuts, daylily, lychee, mentaiko

1733 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR (503) 287-2400 Aviary I can't tell you how many times I have walked past this place and said "That's on my list!" So you can imagine how funny it was to sit outside and watch people walk by and say "We … [Continue reading]

Smith Teamakers

Nothing like a beautifully blended pot of coffee

1626 NW Thurman St Portland, OR (503) 719-8752 Smith Teamakers Today was one of those days when I remembered why I love writing for EatingMyWayThruPortland. Every now and then I get to do some cool experiences and today was one of those days … [Continue reading]

Gigi’s Cafe

Gigi's Cafe Eggs Benedict

6320 SW Capitol Highway Portland, OR (503) 977-2233 Gigi's Cafe Almost 2 years ago I had a post about a fabulous food cart called Gaufre Gourmet. This food cart was, and still is, cranking out some pretty awesome Liege waffles in Downtown … [Continue reading]


Great Portland breakfast spot, Sweedeedee

5202 N Albina Ave Portland, OR (503) 946-8087 Sweedeedee This place is as sweet as every single picture you have seen. I have read that there is quite a line at this place, so we got there very early on a Saturday morning and didn't have much … [Continue reading]

Ex Novo

Banh Mi from Ex Novo

326 N Flint Ave, Portland, OR (503) 894-8251 Ex Novo I promise you have I not disappeared off the face of the earth. I spent April EatingMyWayThru Erope then May was spent picking up my son in Colorado and dropping off my daughter in … [Continue reading]

Third Wave Coffee and Donut Tours

Wander your way thru Portland on a Coffee & Donut tour

A little over a year ago I did a coffee tour with Lora from Third Wave Coffee Tours. It was so informational and a really fun way to see Portland and Drink Your Way Thru. When Lora let me know that she was now offering a Coffee & Donut tour to … [Continue reading]

Kim Jong Grillin’

Korean Food Cart on SE Division

46 SE Division St Portland, OR (503) 929-0522 Kim Jong's Grillin' I think this is one of the most talked about food carts these days. Everyone rants and raves about it and when I posted a picture on Instagram and forgot to tag it, everyone knew … [Continue reading]

Rolling Gourmet Fusion

Menu at Rolling Gourmet Fusion

Washington & SW 9Th St Portland, OR 503.729.6552 Rolling Gourmet Fusion I was fortunate enough to win a great prize from Ole Latte Coffee and that was gift certificates to some of the food carts downtown. I won a raffle that supported … [Continue reading]


Pimento Burger from Trifecta

726 Se 6th Ave Portland, OR (503) 841-6675 Trifecta I might not rush out every time a new restaurant opens, but you can be sure to know that it's probably on my list (my list is at 113 right now) and I will eventually make it there. That … [Continue reading]