6500 Southwest Virginia Avenue
Portland, OR 97239-3504
(503) 245-2260

Don’t miss this gem of a place!!!

We went here because we had a Restaurants.com coupon.(if you see this coupon grab it because they go quickly.) We had no idea what we were getting into. All we knew is we had to order $35 worth of food to get $25 off. Sounds easy, well it wasn’t. It was priced so well, the two of us had to order 3 entrees and 2 drinks and a side of something. But we finally got the price up there.

Eggs Benedict

As always I ordered the Eggs Benedict, but when we realized we need to order a 3rd entree we opted for the Italian Eggs Benedict which had pesto. This one intrigued me, but I wasn’t sure about Pesto at 9am, so it wasn’t my first choice, but you should know it was the one I ate the most off.

Italian Eggs Benedict – Look At That Housemade Pesto

Both Benedicts were amazing, but the pesto Benedict was memorable and unforgettable, because it was a house made pesto. I watched him make it.  This right now is one of my top rated Eggs Benedicts in Portland.  Veritable Quandary’s with crab was so good, it still holds the number one spot as of this writing.

Omelet With Tons of Crab

I tried to pull the breakfast menu from online to give the exact name of what my husband ordered, but they don’t have the breakfast menu on there. He got an omelet with crab in it. Not just a little crab, this thing was spilling over with crab. That made me really happy as I love crab.

I have to say out of these 3 things the Italian Eggs Benedict was my favorite, but I would have eaten any of them and been completely satisfied.

Oh I almost forgot to mention the potatoes on the side. By far the best breakfast potatoes I have had. I usually don’t eat them, mostly because they fill me up, but also because I am not a huge fan, but I couldn’t stop eating these.

I was stuffed when I left this place. Stuffed would be an understatement actually. I will be back. Even if I don’t have a coupon I will be back. All entrees were right around $9.

October 2011 UPDATE :: We went again for breakfast, this makes our 4th visit. It was not a good experience. I think everyone has an off day, but this was sure disappointing. First thing when we sit down is she lists off 3-4 things that are no longer on the menu. Then the item my husband orders is out, so they came out to tell us. In the meantime I am assuming mine was made because by the time mine came out, it was cold. Not lukewarm, but cold. I did comment that they were supposed to be made with pesto and he just made them with basil that day. Also disappointing. It had taken so long at this point I just went with it. Ugh! These are my favorite eggs benedicts and I want to come back, but won’t be rushing back as of now.


  • Atmosphere :: The outside looks an old market (which I think it was), but the inside has been done well. It’s clean, big and open.
  • Service :: Not the best, but the food made up for it. (We have since been again and the service was awesome.)
  • Pricing :: Very well priced and portions were good sized.
  • Tea :: Stash
  • John’s Landing area

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