Cafe Du Berry

6439 Southwest Macadam Avenue
Portland, OR 97239
(503) 244-5551
Cafe Du Berry

Cafe Du Berry has been our list for a very long time.¬† We stumbled upon it one day when we were waiting for Porcelli’s to open. We walked down, saw it was very crowded and looked at the menu and knew at that moment we needed to try it.

I checked out Urbanspoon  and saw that it got great reviews.

We finally made our way down. The French toast had been written up several times and the comments on it were over the top. So we knew we would order that.

And you know me, the lover of Eggs Benedict, so I ordered that. Their site said, “The wild mushroom omelets, thick French toast and eggs Benedict are truly memorable.” So I knew that the Eggs Benedict would be a good choice.

I order tea, which the water was not hot, I tried twice and it was never hot and I never drank any and the server noticed, but never offered to take the $2 charge off my bill. I didn’t think to ask until later, but thought that was a lot to pay to not drink anything.

The French Toast in my mind was awesome. It’s different, very custard like. The texture was too much for my husband. The only thing that baffled me with all these reviews was that the French Toast was just one piece and it was $10. It didn’t even begin to fill up my husband, who by the way is not a big guy. It wouldn’t of even filled me up.

But that was ok, because Eggs Benedict always comes with 2 eggs. There was nothing special at all about the Eggs Benedict. There was no special sauce, like a pesto, no tomato, no meat options like crab or salmon or even a vegetarian. Just one to choose from. And it was overly predictable.

It was topped heavily with salty deli ham. I don’t say this to be mean, I simply say this because I don’t like deli meat and barely like ham. But if it’s from an actual ham or if it’s Boar’s Head Sweet Slice ham (which is not cheap) it tastes amazing and they are both low is sodium. Cheap deli ham is very salty. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Just down the street, like literally a block away is Porcelli’s and their Eggs Benedict is not only amazing, but it’s even cheaper.

So even though this place gets written up a ton, I have to say, I did not like it. It was way to expensive for what you got. And it lacked special. Sorry, I know many will disagree, but maybe it’s just because I ordered wrong.

Sorry there is no picture. I forgot a camera, but also taking a picture of a slice of bread on a plate couldn’t look glamorous even if I tried.

  • Atmosphere is very small and there have not been any updates. Might be more seating upstairs
  • Pricing is high for small portions
  • Tea is Stash
  • John’s Landing area

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  1. Sally Berwick says:

    Well we know not to go there when I am in town.

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