Cadillac Cafe

Veggie Omelet

Veggie Omelet

1801 Northeast Broadway Street
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 287-4750
Cadillac Cafe

It seems we have been on a bit of a breakfast kick lately. It’s my husbands favorite meal to eat out, so we take advantage of opportunities. Today he had to run downtown to take care of business. So I did what any supportive wife would do, I road along.

We have been going to Cadillac Cafe for years. As a matter of fact my in laws were going there before they even were at the new location and they have been at the “new” location for years and years.It’s our go to place for a perfect breakfast and for incredible service. You will not be disappointed at all with this place.

My go to item is the omelet. And I have to admit I have tried most of them, and they are all good.  Today I got the Veggie Omelet, but added bacon. It was loaded with veggies! My husband always, always gets the pancakes. I won’t complain because he can never finish them so I always get in a bite our two and it makes my meal complete. These are the granola pancakes. They are cooked with granola in them and then topped with a little more. Amazing!

Granola Pancakes


My in laws will only order the french toast. Big, thick slices of french toast. I think one time my father in law got the pancakes and ended up eating off my mother in laws plate because he missed the french toast.

There are no Eggs Benedict on the menu, which is a bummer. I do see that they sometimes have them as specials, but I have yet to try them.  I have also see them put hashes on the weekend specials.

TIP :: This place is always busy for breakfast. Weekends are much worse, but it’s so good. If there are just a few of you, opt to sit at the bar. Service is great if not better and you can usually sit right away. But it is literally a bar top, so if there are two it works great.

  • Atmosphere is bright and open, rather large, but on the weekend hard to get into for breakfast. There is an actual pink Cadillac in the restaurant.
  • Pricing is about $9 a plate. Nice size servings, with sides as well.
  • Tea is Tazo, not my favorite
  • Coffee is always good according to my hubby.
  • They always have specials and they are ALWAYS different.
  • Service is always good.
  • NE Portland



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    Can we go here please? Thanks.

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