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Bijou Cafe Downtown Portland

132 Southwest 3rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 222-3187
Bijou Cafe


I am not a huge breakfast person, but my husband is, and lately we have been hitting a fair amount of breakfast places and I am starting to enjoy it.

Let me tell you what it is I really enjoy though. At home I make eggs, bacon or sausage and toast. So if I go out it needs to be something I won’t take the time to make and special, especially since I have to pay a pretty penny for it.

Today I actually talked my husband into going out to breakfast by suggesting we go to Veritable Quandary. Just so you know, they only serve breakfast on the weekends. As we were walking away someone that was going to to work there suggested we try Bijou Cafe.

Heck we had already paid for parking so we might has well try something, and anything new is always on my list.

We made our way over to Bijou Cafe. It’s a cute little shop on the corner. The inside is very old, but very well done. I loved the way it looked inside. Light, bright and inviting, even on a gloomy day.

We were immediately waited on and had our coffee and tea within minutes. The coffee I know was Kobos, which with Stumptown right now door, you wonder what they were thinking there. The tea, although I didn’t see what the brand was, was a loose leaf. They had won me over there.

Their specialties consist of hashes and omelets. I chose the special they were running which was an Asparagus goat cheddar omelet ($12.75.) My husband chose the Huevos Rancheros ($6.75). The server did tell my husband his was not huge and he should order a side of bacon, which he did.

Asparagus Omelet with Cheddar Goat Cheese

My omelet was fine. There was 3 flavors running through, egg, cheese and asparagus. I enjoyed those flavors, but nothing wowed me. I did say to my husband I wish there was more cheese for more flavor.

Huevos Rancheros

My husband on the other hand had an amazing breakfast with a festival of flavors going on.  It was topped with a house made avocado salsa, and very good. It was not big, the server was right, so he was glad he also got his side of bacon which included 4 small pieces of bacon, good bacon, but small.

We enjoyed our dinning experience. My meal was fine, nothing that I would run back to have. So we were feeling just ok about it.

THEN the check came. We knew the prices of the meals, but the side of bacon was $6. That’s right 4 pieces of bacon were 75¢ less than my husbands whole meal. At $6 we should have gotten at least 6 pieces and they should have come with a side of eggs. As a matter of fact, I think, we could have ordered 2 eggs, bacon and toast for around $8.

I know this is another place where the reviews are all positive. But we did not see that. Marginal food with high prices.

I don’t mind marginal food with marginal prices, or high quality food for high prices, but just make sure they match.

Let me just say one more time, service was great. We loved our server, he did an awesome job and did make our dinning experience enjoyable.

  • Atmosphere was great. It was older, but really well done inside.
  • Pricing was pretty high.  I get a great omelet at the Cadillac for under $10 and an Eggs Benedict at Porcelli’s for under $10 as well. So $13 for a non special omelet seems high.
  • Drinks were good. Loved the loose leaf tea and Kobos coffee.
  • Service was over the top great!
  • Located on SW 3rd Ave. in Downtown Portland


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