Little Big Burger

122 Northwest 10th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 274-9008
Little Big Burger

It’s the new rage in Portland. The In-n-Out of Portland, Little Big Burger. Check out their super simple web page if you don’t believe me.

Simple Menu at Little Big Burger

It’s that good. Iit is all it’s cracked up to be. They are doing it right.

The space at Little Big Burger is tight. With little seating they create that line that creates a buzz and then the line just gets bigger. We have been twice now. Both times, once at lunch and once for dinner, it was very busy. You have to have your “game face” on if you want a table.

Burger, Fries and a Beer

The burgers are a cross between a slider and a burger. I consider myself a pretty good eater, but 1 is not quite enough and 2 is too many. Don’t worry it can be solved by ordering their fries(don’t forget to ask for fry sauce), a float or better yet a beer in a can.

Beer in a Can offered at Little Big Burger

Yep, not many places in the Pearl serve beer in a can, but this place ONLY serves beer in a can. They even carry Fat Tire in a can. Who knew?

How do I rate the burger? I have to say, it’s a great burger. If you choose a cheeseburger you have a few choices of cheese. I chose the Chevre and it was very good. I have also had the Swiss, how can you go wrong with that right?

The fries are also amazing and I love, love fry sauce, so that makes them even better. Fry sauce is like comfort food to me. I know, pretty weird, but it’s true. Don’t be surprised if you see me licking out the container.

  • Atmosphere is loud, energetic and crazy. But that’s what makes this place special.
  • Prices are decent at $3.75 for a burger. But if you have a big appetite you will need 2 of these bad boys.
  • Drinks consisted of soda and beer.
  • Service is good here. They are cranking things out pretty quickly.
  • Located in the Pearl on NW 10th. New location opening Spring ’11 on Mississippi Ave in Portland.

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  1. Sally Berwick says:

    What is fry sauce?


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