Cafe Umbria

Cappuccino at Cafe Umbria

303 NW 12th Avenue
Portland, OR 97208
(503) 241-5300
Cafe Umbria

Would you drive 20 minutes to a favorite coffee shop? Well, we do. We like heading downtown, we like to be able to people watch and walk the streets and check things out. Yep, that’s what us suburbians do, we long after the life of those that live downtown.

Today was no exception as we made our way to the Pearl to Cafe Umbria. We really like this place and I am not completely sure why. It’s kind of like Stepping Stone Cafe, in which someone once wrote, “You eat here because they let you.” The workers all kind of have attitude and take there time getting to things and barely speak, but once spoken to they do kind of warm up, but you will not get warm fuzzies at all.

But, even knowing that, we always go back. They pride themselves as being an Italian Cafe with authentic Italian espressos. I have yet to be there and hear only English. The Italians know about it, so it must not be a secret.

We came down for the Brownie souffle, but sadly they were out. I guess we will just have to try again another day. The sandwiches look amazing, although we have never had any and all the desserts look great. We have sampled many and have not been disappointed.

  • Atmosphere is a very open, bright modern space, that can tend to be noisy.
  • Pricing seems to be average and they are even in the Entertainment Book
  • The tea is Two buds and a leaf, which I really like and they roast their own coffee beans.
  • Service is what it is.
  • Located in the Pearl on 12th and Everette and also a Seattle location as well.


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  1. Sally Berwick says:

    I’m all over authentic Italian espressos.

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