Roxy’s Island Grill Tualatin

Kalbi Chicken at Roxy’s Island Grill

8290 SW Nyberg St Boones Ferry Rd
Tualatin, OR
(971) 998-6003
Roxy’s Island Grill

Roxy’s Island Grill is located in Tualatin. This is a great lunch spot if you are looking for something super quick, affordable and friendly service.

We have only been twice, but wonder why we don’t go more often. Not only are there pictures of the food, and the actual food right in front of you but you can also browse through the menu. If that’s not enough, they will let you sample anything and everything.

This is also one of the friendliest establishments we have probably ever been too, and you know how much I eat out.

We sat for just over 5 minutes waiting for our food. In that time they cranked through quite a few people. They keep it moving really well and we were there during a lunch rush.

Shoyu Chicken at Roxy’s Island Grill

We ordered the Shoyu Chicken and the Kalbi Chicken. I make a good Shoyu Chicken, but this was some shredded goodness I must say. The Kalbi chicken was even better, but only because it was grilled. I need to remember I like this one better. My husband did share, so it was all good.

I also love macaroni salad, but never choose to make it, so I am always on the lookout for a good macaroni salad. They have an amazing, amazing macaroni salad. Don’t skip this.

I highly recommend this place.

  • Atmosphere is light, bright and kid friendly. In the summer there will be outdoor dining right on the lake.
  • Prices were so affordable. For $6.50 you can get an entree, rice or noodles and a scoop of macaroni salad.
  • Service is above and beyond and extra friendly. I am not kidding.
  • Located on the lake in Tualatin. I have not tried the Beaverton location. Would love to know what others think though.

To check out the whole menu and read another great review head over to BurninLoveBlog


  1. Herpdederp says:

    Proud to say I know who took these awesome photos :)

  2. I will have to try this place very soon! I’m originally from Hawaii (born and raised on Oahu), so it’ll be nice to have some local food in my stomach!

  3. Hi, Amy. I just found your site, based on your comment over on My timing was terrible because (a) I’m hungry already, (b) I forgot that there is so much Hawaiian food in Oregon (it’s very rare in Denver), and (c) your photo makes the kalbi chicken plate lunch look awesome, even on a paper plate. Now I’ll be craving some for days!

    Our “12 Cities, 1 Year” adventure won’t bring us to Portland until September, but I’m definitely going to rely on your site to point us toward the best tastes of the city.

    • Well sounds like I got my work cut out eating as much as I can before September. I’m on it! Excited to follow you and your adventure.

  4. Sally Berwick says:

    I want to go here. It sounds really good and cheap. Yum. I hope Ryan has an extra pair of Fat Boy pants. I may need to borrow some.

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