Paragon for Lunch

1309 NW Hoyt St
Portland, OR 97209
Paragon Restaurant

Hambuger at Paragon Restaurant Portland

We love Paragon. We have been going for years for dinner, lunch even happy hour. On occasion we will go just for dessert and get the chipwich sandwiches.

Today we made our way down for lunch. My husband knew before we even left the house what he was getting, the Jamaican Jerk Sandwich. Me on the other hand, I like the dinner menu better, so I had to think long and hard….and then decided on the burger.

Paragon does not have the best burger in Portland, but they have the beginnings of a good burger. They just need better toppings. Let me back up and say, it is a good burger, it’s just not the best, I did eat the whole thing if that helps you at all. The rosemary fries are quite unique and I do like them.

Jamaican Jerk Sandwich at Paragon

My husband just loves the Jamaican Jerk Sandwich, even though he knows once he finished his mouth might be on fire. It comes on toasted focaccia bread with smoked habanero aioliĀ  and it’s served with a jicima cucumber salad. The salad helps cool your mouth down.

Olive oil with spices at Paragon

If you go at dinner they bring out crusty bread before you meal arrives. Not only that, but they also bring out a seasoned olive oil. It’s to die for. You can see all the stuff in it. I don’t even know what it is, but we can power through one of those little bowls in no time flat. Since it was lunch we asked and they obliged and brought us some before our food arrived.

  • Atmosphere is awesome here. It’s a warehouse type building with high ceilings. The bar has a fire place in it and I try and sit there whenever I can. They have big rounded tables for larger groups. The outside seating is there, but it’s tight.
  • Prices are moderate. Both of ours were right around $10 each. Dinner is obviously more, but the portions are great.
  • They have beers on tap, good wine selection and lots of cocktail options.
  • Service is always great here. We were tucked in a corner and everytime we thought he might forget us in the corner he came back to check on us.
  • Paragon is located in the Pearl.

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