Word of Mouth

140 17th Street Northeast
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 930-4285
Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth in Salem, OR

Sunrise Mimosa. If you have to start a Saturday with a drink, you might want to start with this one. Peach, raspberry and orange juice mimosa. Amazing!

Sunrise Mimosa from Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth is located in Salem. I have been hearing about this place and I was so excited to finally get to try it. Saturday morning is not the best time to try it, but let me tell you, it was worth the wait, the very long wait.

My husband has had the Creme Brulee French Toast and he knew he was going to have it again. He only wanted one piece because he knew it was rich. They have a dish called the Plate O’ Love. This comes with one piece of French Toast and your choice of Corned Beef Hash or Veggie Hash.

Plate O’ Love from Word of Mouth

I love Creme Brulee and I like French Toast so this was a match made in heaven. The picture does not do it justice. It was such a thick slice of bread. It was amazing. The Corned Beef Hash was awesome. I like Corned Beef Hash, well, I should say, I like really good Corned Beef Hash and here it was perfect here. I could have easily eaten a whole plate of that and been happy.


….that is not what I had. I had the…wait for it…Eggs Benedict. I know, I try these everywhere I go. But I WILL NOT make these at home. I won’t even learn how. And with the toppings I get at some restaurants, I won’t even try and compete.

Eggs Benedict from Word of Mouth

Today I got the Spinach and Tomato Eggs Benedict. It had 3 eggs. This is the first time I have seen 3 eggs and I order these a lot. It was superb. There were tons of spinach and tomatoes giving it a super fresh taste. I need a Plate O’ Goodness that includes Eggs Benedict and Corned Beef Hash. Are you hearing me Word of Mouth??

They also run specials and those can be found on the Word of Mouth Facebook page. If you haven’t found a reason to go yet, those specials should have you running in. I have been to Word of Mouth so many times now that she actually named a special after me. Sorry, it was just a special, only available for that weekend, but how cool is that?


I have since been back, read all about my return visit to Word of Mouth.



  • Atmosphere is cozy. It’s an old converted house. There are tables tucked away everywhere. Apparently there are even a few tables upstairs. We sat at the bar and I really liked the watching the hustle and bustle and watching the owners crank out the food.
  • Pricing was moderate. It’s typical to pay around $10 for Eggs Benedict, it’s NOT typical to get 3 eggs.
  • Tea was Stash and Tazo and when I ran out of that I had Lipton. I wish they would up the variety of tea they serve because us tea lovers expect more from this kind of establishment. (UPDATE:: I have been talking with the owner and she is looking at getting better tea. Yeah!!) The Tea is now Two Leaves and a Bud. Great tea company.
  • Coffee was Tico’s.
  • They are only open for breakfast and lunch, but they have a full bar and beers on tap.
  • Service was great. Things came out quickly and they met any requests we had quickly.
  • Word of Mouth is located in Salem, Oregon.

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  1. Shirley says:


  2. You’re right – this is an amazing restaurant. Friends dragged us down to Salem and we couldn’t imagine why, but we thought the food was great – especially the french toast. Better than any we’ve had in Portland. Actually, everything we had was wonderful – we really enjoyed the Plate o’ Love with the corn beef hash.
    I don’t think you meant that the three egg Eggs Benedict was “a real rip off” so you may want to correct that.
    I’m not a tea drinker but the bloody mary was excellent.
    Just wish the wait wasn’t so long. But that’s what happens with great food I guess.
    I just found your blog and think you have great taste (although personally if I never go to Fat City again I will be pleased).
    I look forward to watching your quest for perfect cinnamon rolls and eggs benedict. Good luck.

    • I know, best place ever right???
      I don’t think that Word of Mouth was a rip off, but if you click on the link that I highlighted you will see which one was a rip off. Let me know if you have been to that one.

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