Fat City

7820 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR 97219
Fat City Cafe

Fat City in Multnomah Village


Let me just preface this whole review by saying this is NOT my kind of breakfast Place, but I have nothing bad at all to say about Fat City.

I like the fancy schmancy breakfast places with creative fare and impressive eggs benedicts. I am not a huge fan of diner breakfast food and that is just what Fat City is.


They do what they do so very well.

Amy's Omelet at Fat City - named just for me I was told

I ordered an omelet. It was the special and it just had a spicy sausage with chedder cheese. I was told I could add anything I wanted, so I added mushrooms and spinach. When she brought it out the chef said he liked my additions so well he was going to make that the special of the day. They also told me they were going to name it Amy’s Omelet.

The omelet was smothered in cheese, way to much cheese for me, but I picked through it and it was just fine. It came hash browns and I upgraded to a cinnamon roll because I had heard this just might be the best cinnamon roll in Portland.

Yes it is as big as it looks!

The cinnamon roll was gooey on the inside and just as gooey on the outside…the whole outside!! This is my number 1 right now and I will make my way back down for this. So yes, this is the best cinnamon roll in Portland. I think a few years back they even got voted as the best cinnamon roll in Portland, so it’s not just me that thinks so. We are hitting another place in a few weeks, so stay tuned to see if this one stays in the #1 spot.

My husband got the Regular Joe breakfast. This came with bacon, eggs, biscuit and a pancake. He was completely happy with his meal. The bacon, by the way, was amazing and it was 4 huge pieces. I did not take a picture because I hate to admit it, but it was just to plain and boring.

We will go back. There is something about the area, the atmosphere and the food that will draw us back.

Inside Fat City Cafe

  • Atmosphere was very much an older diner with license plates everywhere giving you plenty to check out while you wait for your food.
  • Pricing is very reasonable.
  • Tea was Tazo and Coffee was good, but we aren’t sure what it was.
  • They are only open for breakfast and lunch. We were there at 9:30 and saw a lunch meal come out, so I guess that is served all day too.
  • Service was superb. I like when servers have an opinion on what’s good and what’s not. Ours guided us perfectly.
  • Fat City is located in Multnomah Village

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  1. Person Whocares says:

    Cheddar… sigh

  2. Sally Berwick says:

    I love diners like this, but I can get stuff like this back here. But that said we might have to go just for a cinnoman roll. I was wondering how your quest for the perfect roll was going. That is really funny that they were going to name the omlet after you.

    • We are still looking for the best cinnamon roll in Portland. Our job is never done. We will have to rule out some more bad ones, but gotta do what we gotta do.

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