Alameda Cafe

Eggs Benedict.

4641 NE Fremont St
Portland, OR 97213-1723
(503) 284-5314
Alameda Cafe

It’s been around for years. As of April 16, 2011, they will no longer be open for dinner. The owner was ready, after all these years, to not be servingĀ  3 meals a day. They will be open for breakfast and lunch.

Lucky for us we showed up for breakfast. We had stopped by and looked at the menu after we visited Bumblekiss a few weeks earlier and knew we wanted to give it a try.

The service was top notch!! I knew I would try the Eggs Benedict (surprise, surprise). I chose the California Eggs Benedict with fresh avocado. I thought it was perfect. The sauce was great and not super heavy and the avocado adds a real fresh taste to something that can become ordinary. I would have them again. They were priced right at $8.95. This is a great price and it comes with a side of house made country potatoes.

My husband and daughter had something in mind, but when we told our server that we had not been in before she told us about the french toast. It’s a slice of a baguette. Dipped in an egg mixture then dipped in a cinnamon sugar cornflake batter then deep fried. YUM!! They both knew they had to try it.

Check out how thick the french toast is!

This french toast came with 2 eggs, bacon and a side of potatoes for just $9.95. There was plenty of food and definitely special and more filling than a previous experience we had had with french toast.

I would most definitely go back. The whole experience for us was exceptional. No one left hungry.

  • Atmosphere was very bright and open and not busy at all on a Monday at 10am.
  • Price was great, lots of food for your money.
  • Tea was Tazo, which is not my favorite, but they did bring out a container and left it on the table so I felt like I could at least try a few kinds and get my monies worth.
  • Coffee is Stumptown.
  • Location is Fremont in Beaumont-Wilshire



  1. Sally Berwick says:

    That french toast sounds amazing!!!!

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