Dundee Bistro

100 SW 7th St # A
Dundee, OR 97115
Dundee Bistro

$15 Burger from Dundee Bistro


We have dined at Dundee Bistro many times. With our kids having sporting events in other small towns nearby, we pass through often and choose to stop occasionally.

We arrived at 5:00. We were the only ones in the restaurant. We were seated right next to the fire and our hostess quickly brought us menus and water. We asked her questions and she said our server would be with us soon.

Another couple was seated right about 5 minutes after us.

Our server came to us asked us if we wanted a drink, we weren’t ready just yet. We asked about a special menu. He brought that out and my husband looked at him and said “I have a question” and the guy walked away and was gone for quite some time.

By now the other table already has a bottle of wine being poured. Our guy was taking phone orders and walk in orders.

Another table gets seated. A larger group. Our server goes over and talks. He finally comes back to take our order and says he will bring us a sample of a beer.

He again goes to the large table, grabs them a bottle of wine. Brings them an appetizer, just hangs out. As he walks by for the 3rd time, I give him a stern look. He then remembers the beer sample.

We both ordered the $15 hamburger because we were craving it.

To our disappointment, when the burger came the bun was huge and way to fluffy.  The burger it’s self was just ok, a little on the dry side and it seems small.  We were so disappointed, because this is what we had come for. This was not our first time getting this burger.

Now I am trying really hard to not let service dictate my meal, but I have to be honest the lack of attention had me frustrated. Every time our server came over he was pleasant and polite, but he never came around much. I didn’t want him to hover, I just wanted him to bring me what he said he would bring and take my order in a timely manner, since we were the only ones there for a while. Is that asking too much?

We ordered 2 hamburgers @ $15 each and 1 beer @ 6.  I would say $36 was a bit much for this meal. I honestly don’t remember the hamburger being that expensive.

If you want a great burger at that price you are better off making your way to Urban Farmer and getting their burger for $14. It comes on a house made english muffin and the thing is HUGE.

It’s just crazy because I think they are Portland wanna be’s, but even most Portland restaurants don’t have burgers priced that high. Maybe since they are in the wine country they know they can charge these high prices. I don’t know, I just don’t understand it.

Sadly, this will be our last visit to Dundee Bistro. We have loved this place, so maybe it was just a bad day. I don’t know. Don’t rule it out altogether.  When I got home I read through some reviews, and many agree it’s expensive and many also said their service was just ok. Dundee Bistro, please change your ways, we miss the old you.

We dine out a lot. Rarely do I get this worked up over bad service. My husband was telling me to calm down the whole time. I think it was bad because where I was sitting I could see everyone else getting service and food and advice when we just sat alone without anything. My husband couldn’t see what was going on, because I am sure if he were sitting where I was he would have been just as frustrated.

For $36 I expect good food and great service. It’s all part of the dining package and why I don’t dine at Applebee’s.


  • Atmosphere is amazing. The building is light and bring and the courtyard is really pretty.
  • Pricing is a bit over the top at $15-$25 for entrees.
  • Wine is their specialty. They also own and serve Ponzi Wines which is right next door. They do have a decent beer selection.
  • They are located in Dundee, Oregon.



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  1. Sally Berwick says:

    Finally a review of a place that I am not dying to try. haha. Bad service makes me crazy. I get ulcers over it.

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