It’s a Coffee Shop That Also Brews Beer

Caramel Latte from Baristadors

11136 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR 97219
(503) 206-5234

By noon today I had indulged in a breakfast sandwich, drank an In-House brewed beer and had a latte to wash it all down, thanks to my Groupon.

Baristadors had a Groupon offering their breakfast sandwiches, but asked that Groupon users not come between 8am-11am. I even questioned their reasoning, (they have a huge following between those hours and wanted to be kind to their regulars) but was assured it was worth waiting and that these “legendary” breakfast sandwiches were available all day long.

Many people chose not to get the Groupon because they were put off by this.  Well all I have to say to you is, “your loss.”

First off the owner (or at least we are pretty sure it was the owner) talked to us quite a bit. It must have taken us 2 girls 15 minutes to order, but in our defense there was no one in line behind us and we just wanted to get it right.

We each chose a sandwich, but then decided to get a latte to go with it, because it was a breakfast sandwich after all. He swayed both of us to the caramel latte because they make their caramel. He was barely done explaining and we interrupted with “yes, we’ll take 2 of those!”

What we forgot when we were ordering is that they also have beer, so we had to add that in too.

Baristadors breakfast sandwich and Double Red

I chose The Hog, which included Pork Sausage, Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Egg and Cheese. I then chose to have the Cognac Green Peppercorn Sauce on my sandwich. It also came with caramelized onions and tomatoes.

My only complaint is that they cut the bagel into thirds for this and it kept slipping apart. But that was my only complaint. This was no egg mcmuffin, that’s for sure. It was a very substantial breakfast sandwich, well probably because I had the whole hog.

My friend got the Wilbur, and she too was happy.

While we ate I drank down an In House Brewed Double Red beer. My friend ordered the Espresso Porter, brewed with English Ale Yeast and Stumptown Coffee (roughly an ounce of coffee for every pint), and she loved it. When mine first came out I noticed it was as black as midnight, but it was the smoothest tasting beer. I was so surprised. If nothing else, I will be back for the beer.

To wrap up a perfectly good meal we enjoyed Caramel lattes with home made caramel. When it comes to lattes I am a bit of a snob. Not to sweet and 1% please. He made it perfectly, the only other request I forgot was extra hot. Dang!!  I had to drink it fast, because once lattes get cold, I bail.

I really liked this place. The breakfast sandwich was good, but if you are looking for gourmet this is not for you.

But I love it because it’s a coffee shop that serves Beer. Did you hear that?

Thanks Baristadors for making us feel welcome, even if we did have a Groupon. Thanks for guiding us to the perfect sandwich and the perfect beer. Oh and the best latte. And not to mention putting up with our long ordering process.

  • Atmosphere is a great little coffee shop. Nothing big, nicely done.
  • Pricing was great for a breakfast sandwich or lunch sandwich, $3-$7.
  • They serve Stumptown Coffee. I forgot to check the tea. They have 4 beers (maybe 5) that are brewed In House.  You can also purchase a sampler if you would like to try them all. Personally I am going back for the Double Red.
  • Services was great. It wasn’t super busy when we were there. I just loved how helpful they were and how they kept coming to check in on us.
  • Located Off Capitol Hwy. in SW Portland.

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If you haven’t used Groupon you are truly missing out. It’s a great way to try different places at a fraction of the cost. Sometimes you are glad you didn’t spend full price, other times you find real gems.





  1. Sally Berwick says:

    They make their own caramel????!!!! Normally I don’t drink caramel lattes, but I think I would have to try it if they make their own. I say we stop in and get one when I am there.

    • Well you can drive, because I am getting the beer. It was amazing!!! They also have these things called scuffins. I asked if it was a dry muffin, but they said it was actually a moist scone. I had to ask you know.

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