Isabel in the Pearl

330 NW 10th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209

No signs at this great place – Isabel in the Pearl

Isabel is the most nondescript restaurant I think I have ever been too. There is no way from looking at the outside what the place even is. Yet look through the glass walls and you will see a packed house. Even better, in the summer the walls open up and the place comes alive.

We aren’t in the Pearl a ton, but we do remember walking down last summer thinking we needed to stop in. With no place to go and only a vague idea of where we saw this place we set out to find it. The hunt, although rather quick thanks to my hubby, was worth it.

Specials Listed on the Wall

They give you a whole menu to look through, but what’s on the wall is what caught our attention.

My husband loves fish tacos, so he tried those and if you haven’t guessed already I chose the pork tacos. Because, I like pork.

Pork carnitas and fish tacos

The presentation was so great. Both came with a bowl of rice and beans. I loved my pork tacos. They were super flavorful, topped very well and the 3 of them were very filling. I did eat most of my rice and beans, but the tacos is where I spent my appetite.

The fish tacos were just ok. The pork tacos had so much flavor that sampling the fish tacos didn’t give them a fighting chance. I think my husband agreed that he too like the pork tacos over the fish tacos. Now don’t get me wrong they were not bad, we did not send them back and there was nothing to complain about. We simply will not order them again.

Everything that came out looked so good. We decided we would for sure make our way back again. Next time I think for breakfast.

After our visit I discovered that they have a Mobon coupon for Isabel. We will for sure make our way back. Sooner rather than later.

  • Atmosphere is buzzing, busy and packed, but they move people through quickly. (we were there at 2:30 on a Sunday.) The summer would be even better with the outdoor seating opened up.
  • Prices were reasonable. Most things were priced around $9, so I was a little shocked when we got our bill and the specials were quite a bit more, but they were so good.
  • We didn’t check out the drinks. Guess we really do need to make our way back down.
  • Service was good. It did take awhile for them to notice us, but after that things moved quickly.
  • Located in the Pearl.



  1. Sally Berwick says:

    That food looks so good. Yum! Do they make margaritas?

    • I would assume based on what I saw that they do. We were there at such a weird time that we only ordered water. Too late for coffee and too early for a drink, although I am sure it was 5:00 somewhere.

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