Sal’s Kitchen

33 Northwest 23rd Place
Portland, OR 97210-3534
(503) 467-4067
Sal’s Kitchen

Sal’s Italian Kitchen in Uptown is quite the gem. We chose to go to Sal’s because it was part of the 3 for $25.

It’s in a strip mall, but they have done a pretty good job of making it welcoming. It’s just that it doesn’t boast good people watching like all the other places on NW 23rd.

As part of the 3 for $25 you get to choose between 2 salads.  I got the house salad, which was ok, my husband got the cesar and it was very good.

I ordered the Wild Boar Ragu. This is not the first place I have ordered it. Many people, when they hear the words Ragu, they immediately think about the pasta sauce in a jar, but most times its more of a braised meat, that is pulled and put back in the juices it was braised with, so it looks nothing like Ragu from a jar.

Wild Boar Ragu at Sal’s Kitchen

So you can imagine my disappointment when I first saw my dish and it looked like Ragu from a jar, but I was not disappointed at all once I tasted it.Very different than those I have had at Serrato or Parallel 45, but great nonetheless. I cleaned my plate!!

Scallops at Sal’s Kitchen. So good!!

My husband got the scallops and they were perfectly done, great accompaniments and presentation was fantastic. Better yet the price was fantastic at just $13-$14.

Again we did the 3 for $25 so we got desserts. I go the panna cotta and my husband got the tiramisu. Both were great, but it was way too much food.

Sal’s is priced so well the 3 for $25 deal is not really a deal. Which makes me really like this place and we will definitely be back.

  • Atmosphere lacks. I can’t lie. It’s in a strip mall, they have done a good job on the inside, but it’s not a romantic place by any means. But the food will wow you.
  • Pricing I think is great. Good portions sizes and around $12-$15 a plate.
  • Great wine selection, and ok beer selection and mixed drinks as well.
  • Service was good once our server warmed up to us.
  • Sal’s is located in Uptown.

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  1. Sally Berwick says:

    Do they have good pizza?

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