Veritable Quandary for Breakfast

Crab Eggs Benedict

1220 Southwest 1st Avenue
Portland, OR 97204-3201
(503) 227-7342
Veritable Quandary

Last summer we made our way down for a breakfast out on the patio at Veritable Quandary, or as the locals call it, VQ. This place is so well done on the inside, but the patio is the place to be. When the sun is shining in Portland there is no place I would rather be, and I plan on enjoying that sunshine by eating outside every chance I can get.

Since last summer we have been thinking about our return trip, just waiting for the sun to finally come out, which it did for a few days.

Before I get into this review too much let me first say, we love this place, we will be back because of the food, but the service was atrocious this time.

After sitting for nearly 10 minutes the guy filling our water glasses asked us if we needed a waiter. We said, “yes please.” Finally¬† the guy shows up and none to happy, but that’s fine. We are ready to order everything and hope to not have to wait. We give him our order. As I order my tea I said very politely and apologetically that I like my water extra hot, can you just make sure it’s super hot. I even said it with a smile and probably muttered something about how I was high maintenance. His response was, “don’t request that until you get it, it might be fine.” A simple, “I will take care of you” would have been fine.

He dropped off the tea and didn’t ask if it was ok, which was fine because it was. We had the guy filling water glasses and coffee keep my tea water filled as well. He checked in often, our server did not. He never actually even spoke to us or the other 3 tables in our area. We only saw him a few times. It was rather odd. I never like hovering, but I do like that we get some attention since it’s part of the experience.

The week before we were at breakfast at Wild Abandon and my water was not hot enough. The manager took it upon himself to get it hot enough and make sure it stayed full and hot. It was simple and appreciated.

We also asked our VQ server if we could get more syrup and his reply was it would probably take some time before he could get back to us. Ahh, do you feel the love?

Alright, now that we have that out of the way…..

This currently holds my top spot for best Eggs Benedict in Portland. The crab was plentiful in this Eggs Benedict and the hollandaise sauce was just the right amount. Honestly I don’t even remember what the hash browns tasted like, because I was concentrating on the main dish.

I don’t know if conversation even took place after the food arrived. I just hope that there wasn’t sauce dripping down my chin and crab hanging out my mouth as I gave all my attention to this master piece.

My husband ordered the Kings Plate, with French Toast, eggs, bacon and hash browns. This picture does not do it justice. The pieces of french toast are huge.

I won’t lie we both ordered the same thing that we ordered last year when we were there. We had been dreaming about our return trip and all it had entailed.

French Toast

Like I said we will make a trip back down, I hope the service is better next time though. Even though they serve breakfast only on the weekends, I am sold on this breakfast menu and plan to return for just that.

  • Atmosphere is amazing, inside and out.
  • Coffee is Stumptown and tea is Numi.
  • Pricing is a bit on the expensive side, but the portions, freshness and presentation make it worth every.single.penny.
  • Downtown Portland

We have never done any other meals here. I would love to know if others have eaten lunch or dinner here and what your thoughts are. Veritable Quandary is definitely a favorite.

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