¿Por Qué No?

Por Qué No?

4635 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR 97215
¿Por Qué No?

Looking for awesome Mexican food in Portland, then Por Qué No is your place. The food is beyond amazing, there are even seasonal items that rotate through and the atmosphere is the best.  This place is the complete package.

Cute Seating Outside in the Back

We went twice last week. It was that good. Both times I ordered the spring taco which has asparagus, new potatoes, chard, black beans and cheese with a salsa verde. The first time I got just one, but the second time in I ordered two of these bad boys. Wow!!  I love my meat, but this veggie taco was great.

Spring Tacos and Seared Tuna Taco

We also ordered the seared tuna taco with cabbage. It was much spicier than we both thought it would be, but let me tell you it was perfect. The second time we took our kids back and they loved it.

Grilled Chicken Quesadilla at Por Qué No?

My husband almost always orders the quesadilla when we go places and here was no exception. It was so good I even ate some of it. Not only that, but I ordered it the next time we went back. I never ordered quesadilla, so that tells you how good it was. Not over cheesy and lots of chicken.

Salsa and Guacamole at Por Qué No?

On our first trip we ordered chips and salsa. When the guy dropped it off there was a big hair in it. THAT HAPPENS. It’s like the comedians say, everyone loves hair, you will run your hands through other peoples hair, look it over, gush over it, but once one single piece leaves your head its disgusting. I quickly took them back and they were super apologetic and brought out a bigger chips with salsa and guacamole.  It was great. I didn’t expect it, but greatly appreciated it. A++ for customer service.

Outside seating at Por Qué No? Picture doesn’t do it justice.

I wish they were closer, but at the same time I am glad they are not that close. We would be there way too much if they were nearby. It took us years to discover this place, how did we miss it??? This place definitely makes my favorites list.

  • Atmosphere is incredibly eclectic and quaint and cute and incredible. They have done a great job of creating a great outdoor seating area. Best one in Portland, I think. Views aren’t great, but creating an atmosphere takes a lot of creativity and they pulled this one off!!
  • Pricing is great with $3 tacos and they also have Happy Hour Prices from 3-6pm.
  • They have beer and they also serve specialty Mexican juice drinks
  • You can get in and out quickly. Even when it’s busy seating turns over fast.
  • Located on Hawthorne and there is also one on Mississippi.

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