Amnesia Brewing – Moved to Washinton State

A place for a great beer

832 N Beech St
Portland, OR 97227
(503) 281-7708
Amnesia Brewing

Amnesia Brewing is just what you think it is, a cool brewery to get a great beer. The food is marginal, but I don’t think that’s why most people are there. As a matter of fact the outdoor seating is quite plentiful. That’s what caught my attention, and most of those people were just grabbing a beer.

I wanted to try their beer, but didn’t have time before our concert to eat at one place and get beer at another, so this night we forfeited good food for great beer.

The one big negative, for us, about the outdoor seating is smoking is allowed and many were taking advantage of that. As much as I enjoy sitting outside on a beautiful NW summer evening, I was not going to do it around multiple smokers.

Instead we sat inside, right by the rolled up doors and enjoyed it from there.

I can’t say I will rush back. I really like good beer AND good food and this is just not the place where you can get both.  We had low expectations of our meal and they were met. So we walked out happy and full of good beer.

After reading reviews I see that this is a place that people either love or hate. Although I don’t fall into either category I don’t know that I would recommend going there unless you plan on being in the area for another reason and have time to spare to get a beer. My guess is many were just locals hanging out at the local brewery, and I have to admit, it’s pretty cool for that.

  • Atmosphere is very casual with tons of outdoor seating on tables with benches and smoking is allowed outside and it’s also dog friendly, although no minors are
  • Pricing was actually really good for the beers, but a bit much for the marginal food.
  • Great beer selection. They have some that are always on tap, then they also rotate through a few seasonal ones.
  • Located in North Portland

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