Appetizers from Accanto

2838 SE Belmont St.
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 235-4900

In June Portland had the dinning deal going and that’s when I first heard of Accanto. We never made it down for that, but it has been on my list ever since.

On Saturday night we were able to sneak away for a date and we made our way down to Accanto in SE Portland.

When we arrived we noticed that there were tables outside, which we were super excited about because we are having fabulous weather here in Portland and I just wanted to enjoy every single minute of it.

We were seated right away. We experienced some great customer service. I tell you, attentive servers can make or break an experience some times.

I wanted to try lots of different things, so we ordered the sample appetizer platter. We got the stuffed squash blossom, which was really great. The peaches and prosciutto was also very good,  as was the soft cheese and tomatoes. They also had a special drink with fig vodka that was good. It had lemon in it, so it mostly just tasted like a lemon drop. I liked that the drink was only $7.

Gnocchi from Accanto in SE Portland

For our entrees I ordered the gnocchi. I was done summer style with fresh summer veggies in it and a pesto sauce. It was a light gnocchi, cooked perfectly. If you have ever had gnocchi you know it can be good or just awful, there really is not a lot of in between. This one was good.

Milanese Pork Chop at Accanto

My husband ordered the special which was Milanese Pork Chop for $17. The pork chop was breaded and fried. It was good, but not necessarily how we like ours prepared. I guess I was confused I thought Milanese was going to be a sauce. I was hoping that it would have come with some side dish. It did have tomatoes on the top with a little arugula ( I guess that’s our small salad). It really needed some potatoes. Having order the Gnocchi it did make for a perfect meal to share.

We did like this place. I am glad we were able to come and enjoy the outdoor seating on the beautiful June day. Now I want to come back and try their brunch.  Anyone tried the brunch? I would be curious as to what it’s like.  I finally made it to brunch myself!

  • Atmosphere was very nice bright and open. Although reviews I have read say that when it’s dark out it’s dimly lit.
  • Prices run between $10-$25 depending on if you get small plates, pasta dishes or main entrees.
  • They have 4-5 beers on tap, plus bottle beer. They seemed to have a good wine selection as well. I also liked that they also had cocktails.
  • Located on Belmont St in SE Portland

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