Emanon Cafe – Closed

1000 Northwest 17th Ave
Portland, OR
Emanon Cafe

One thing I do enjoy is trying new places. Yes, I do find places that I love and return, but sometimes the newness wins me over. But you have to be ready for disappointment, just in case, but also be ready to be wowed!! You never know when you try something new, do you?

I shared a few weeks back that they way I can afford to try different places is by using group buying sites like Groupon and Living Social. I also shared that day how I was purchasing my Groupon to Emanon Cafe.

Rarely do my food Groupons sit for very long and that was the case with Emanon Cafe.  I just couldn’t wait to cash it in and try some new food.

My research ahead of time had shown me that they had eggs benedict, huevos rancheros and pancakes. I knew with a line up like that, that we would both be happy with something.

Emanon is in in the located in the NW district. It’s in a cute corner building which you have to step down to get into. It’s just cozy and a pretty cool little bar. When we were there we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The service was great, although the new waiter didn’t know much about the menu, so we kind of had to just go for it, instead of getting an inside opinion.

I knew before I even go there that I was having the eggs benedict, because, that’s how I roll. My husband can go in a number of directions and on this day he chose…..huevos rancheros.

Eggs Benedicts with potatoes

Unfortunately my eggs benedict were nothing amazing. They were good, don’t get me wrong, I ate the whole thing, but nothing about them wowed me. I have been wowed by Porcelli’s eggs benedict and by the ones at Word of Mouth. But these were just good and that’s about it. I didn’t eat the potatoes. They have to be extra special for me to eat those just because I am not a huge fan.

Huevos Rancheros at Emanon Cafe


The huevos rancheros were also just ok. The presentation was very different than anything he had ordered before and although it looks big, it wasn’t huge.

Our overall thought was..it was just ok. With all the great places to eat around town, we probably won’t be back. But don’t write them off all together. If we lived in the area I might try them again. It’s such a great atmosphere.

  • The atmosphere was a very cozy, urban bar where I could totally picture Norm sitting there and everyone knows your name. (reference to “Cheers” for those of you too young to know)
  • The prices were very reasonable at about $9 an entree.  It won’t set you back to much.
  • We were there for breakfast the tea and coffee was nothing special, but there was a full bar and plenty of beer.
  • Located in NW Portland.

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