Rip City Grill

A line is a good sign at Rip City Grill

Moody St and Abernathy
Open 10-2 Monday thru Friday
Rip City Grill

A few months back there was a Groupon offered for a ton of different food carts around town and I grabbed 2 of them. Today I cashed in on one of them at Rip City Grill.

The pictures of the steak sandwiches are what sold me, because I knew my husband would love them. The pictures do not lie. They are big and they are loaded and it’s true there are huge chunks of really good steak on them.

My husband ordered his caliente style. I am sure he thought it would be good, but I am also sure he ordered it because it’s his one Spanish word that he knows.  He did enjoy it and his mouth was on fire, so caliente style did deliver.

Fully loaded steak sandwich. Wish the picture was better, but you get the idea.

While my husband was standing there he saw a hamburger come out and he said it was huge. You know what that means? We have to go back now.

There were 4 carts where we ate, so I tried something different.

  • Atmosphere is much better than food carts downtown. There are actually tables to sit at.
  • Pricing is great. The sandwich was $6, plus $1 to make it caliente. My Groupon was for $6 off.
  • They had a few drink options, we chose water.
  • Located on the corner of Moody and Abernathy.

Even though this Groupon is no longer available, it doesn’t mean more like this won’t come through. Sign up to get on the list so you don’t miss out on these deals.
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