Dog River Coffee

Inside the spacious Dog River Coffee Company

411 Oak Street
Hood River, OR
Dog River CoffeeNot much to see here

A favorite pastime in Hood River is just sitting, drinking coffee or tea and reading. They have some good coffee shops to do this in. On our latest trip we discovered Dog River Coffee.

I love it because it’s really big, but not crowded. You can tell by the picture they definitely have plenty of space to add more chairs if they ever need. Both times we went, we did not have to worry about finding a seat.

  • Atmosphere is very laid back and it’s not loud at all.
  • Service was great. Very nice baristas.
  • Pricing was great, I would even like to say a little less than you would expect to pay.
  • Serving Stumptown and Mighty Leaf
  • Located in Downtown Hood River.

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