Urban Fondue

2114 NW Glissan St.
Portland, OR
Urban Fondue

Fondue is not the first choice on my list, but I went with a group to a party at Urban Fondue…

I have been converted.

First off you need to know that this place has some great happy hour items that are not fondue. They had at least 2 Ahi Tuna items that I would like to go back and try.  All Happy Hour appetizers were priced from $2-$4. Wow!!

Because we had such a big group we were able to try lots of different things. The cheese fondues we got were Brie and Gorgonzola, Ruby Port with caramelized onions and Tomato Basil. I didn’t take any pictures of the cheeses because they all looked the same. The desserts were much more glamorous.

The Brie Gorgonzola was by far my favorite.

Tiramisu Fondue

For Dessert we chose Banana Foster, Tiramisu, Caramel Cognac and Heathbar.

Surprisingly the Heathbar was my favorite (which is pictured at the top) and I didn’t even want to order it.

All the great dessert dippers

At Happy hour you get half price martinis. The martinis are already priced really well, so half price is great.

They make some creative and delicious martinis. I ordered and loved the Basilberry Maritini, which is basil muddled in wildberry infused vodka. It was so good.

I saw a review over at Yelp that they don’t know their wines. That is no surprise since Bartini is adjacent to Urban Fondue and that is there other specialty. If you want wine (and some girls in our group had some) just know what you might want in advance and don’t expect a huge selection.

  • Atmosphere was very cozy. I must say it’s much smaller than I thought it would be. There is a big table in the back that can be closed off with a curtain. We had that space and it was nice. Even though you could see through the curtain, we weren’t paying attention and we came out to a packed restaurant.
  • Pricing was great for happy hour food and drinks. The fondue is priced really well too.
  • Service was great. They checked on us often and kept our water glasses full.
  • Martini’s are their specialty, they did have wine and believe it or not I didn’t even inquire about beer.
  • It’s located in the Pearl off of Glissan and 21st next to Trader Joes.

As always, I go to eat, not take pictures. These are just a few pics to show you what I did have.

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