Red Hills Market in Dundee

Wood Fired Pizza – Jamican Spicy Chicken

115 SW 7th St.
Dundee, OR
Red Hills Market

I just realized that I have never written up Red Hills Market. How is that even possible? If you want gourmet, local, fresh food with casual dinning, this is the place.

I knew we would stop here on our way out to the coast because it’s easy, fast and fabulous. Last time we both got the wood fired pizzas even though we were told to get the roast beef sandwich. Pizzas were great!!! But I later saw the roast beef sandwiches come out and I had regrets.

I again forgot about the sandwiches and I began to look over the menu. We always like to ask what favorties are or what items we should not miss. Again they suggest the Roast Beef sandwich. Now my first thought is “NO!” I don’t like roast beef all that well, but then I remembered we needed to get this. So I quickly changed my mind and ordered this sandwich. I also ordered a cup of their mushroom Leek soup, even though there was Butternut on the menu. (only because I make a dang good butternut squash soup and I had even had it for lunch that day.)

Roast Beef Sandwiches at Red Hills Market

The Roast Beef sandwich with caramelized onions and blue cheese was out of this world.  The cheese was a great addition, but not so strong it stole the show. Loved that. My only regret was I got the soup and sandwich and wished I would have just gotten more sandwich.

The soup was fine. I would definitely get the other one next time, but I still ate the whole bowl. I just didn’t love it. It wasn’t bad, and I suggest trying it if you like these combinations.

My husband got the Jamaican Spicy Chicken pizza. He loved it. He had gotten that one before and knew he would be getting it again. I even had a piece myself.  The crust is thin, so even though it’s good sized, you will most likely want a pizza to yourself.

We have stopped in Dundee for years to eat. We were so glad to see Red Hills Market since our old favorite has became a disappointment.

  • Atmosphere is definitely a market feel. You can buy all kinds of things like gourmet ketchup, Big Tony’s BBQ sauce, cheeses, beer, wine and even decor. There is indoor and outdoor seating.
  • Service is outstanding. The guy behind the counter even introduced himself to me. They steered us in the right direction too, so we ordered well.
  • Prices were great. My soup and sandwich was around $8, my husbands pizza was $12. We also got a beer to share with our meal, since they sell the large beers there.
  • There is plenty of beer, and wine of course, since you are in wine country, cocktails, and plenty of drinks for kids as well. They also serve Stumptown coffee and Steven Smith Tea. Plus they have Gluten Free entree’s.
  • Red Hills Market is located in Dundee, OR.

As always, I go to eat, not take pictures. These are just a few pics to show you what I did have.

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