BJ’s Burgers and Tacos, Pacific City, OR

Our tacos to go from BJ's

33260 Cape Kiwanda Drive,
Pacific City, OR 97135
BJ’s Burger and Tacos

I won’t lie, BJ’s Burger and Tacos was plan B. We had hoped to eat at the Pelican Pub more than once, but it just wasn’t good, so we had to look elsewhere. Lucky for us we heard about BJ’s and saw some great reviews.

They serve 2 things at this little place. They serve tacos or burgers. It’s pretty simple and streamlined, gotta love that. I wish I would have tried a hamburger, but the tacos were looking pretty tasty.

Each taco comes with pineapple on top. I got the pork tacos, because, well….I order pork everywhere I go. My husband got the chicken and the pork, then we decided we should get some fish tacos to share, just for comparisons sake.

The tacos were good. It was nice to have something light and fresh. The pork was flavored really well, and the chicken was also good. We honestly couldn’t tell a huge difference between the chicken and pork. The fish was good although we felt like the others had more flavor.

This is a place I would recommend for a quick, affordable bite to eat.

We watched this before we got our food. Love Pacific City.

  • Atmosphere is great. It’s a little beach shack, with a small amount of seating. For nicer weather they also have outdoor seating. Plus you can order inside or outside. We were literally just a few steps away from our hotel, so we got ours to go.
  • Pricing was great. We got 2 nice sized tacos for just $6. I think at Pelican that would have set us back at least $15 if not more. Plus tip.
  • Service was good. Even though you go up to the counter to order your food, I always appreciate when they are happy and helpful.
  • They did have some beer on hand and a soda, but we had a free beer as part of our deal and went back to enjoy that with our food.
  • BJ’s Burger and Tacos in located on the beach in Pacific City.


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