Seared Sea Scallops at Serratto

2112 NW Kerney
Portland, OR

It’s been a few years since I have been to this place and it was just the way I remember it. Elegant, classy, rustic and most of  all, comfortable. The food is predictable and by that I mean it’s always good, always great quality and always has a wow factor featuring what’s in season. You know when you sit down to eat a meal there that you will not be let down. How does a restaurant do that? I’m not sure, but Serratto has it down.

Today I started with a beet and pear salad. Sorry, but I have this crazy addiction to beets and I had that thing half gone before I realized I had not taken a picture. Just let me assure you it was very good. If you like beets, you will like this salad. The Dijon-tarragon vinaigrette with fried garlic was a perfect complement to the beets.

Kobe Beef Flank Steak

My husband couldn’t decide which entree he wanted more, so we ordered 2 entrees that he really wanted to try. We ordered the Kobe Beef Flank Steak with caramelized onions and pomme frittes and the Seared Sea Scallops with celeriac puree, roasted apples & parsnips. The combo was perfect because my husband does love the scallops, but he would not have liked the celeriac puree (which was like mashed potatoes). I loved the celeriac puree, I couldn’t get enough of it. The roasted parsnips were not my favorite, but I still ate them. Pretty much roast any veggie for me and I will eat it.

Crusty Bread served with every meal

Like I said before it’s been a few years since I have been here and I totally remember what I ordered. I got the Tagliatelle with a ragu, and  I remember it being exceptional. You know it’s a good meal if you remember those kinds of details.

We actually went to lunch. If you are on a budget it’s a great way to have an elegant meal for less. You will get exceptional food and leave full and satisfied.

Serrato, thanks again for another great meal.

  • Atmosphere is so laid back, yet you will see many people dressed up. It’s quite the mix. Between the rustic plank floors and the white linen table clothes and the bistro tables in the bar, you have quite the mix.
  • There is plenty of beer, wine and drinks to choose from.
  • Pricing is about $14 on average for a lunch entree and $20-$25 for a dinner entree. The servings are nice sized.
  • Service is good.
  • Serratto is located on NW 21st.

As always, I go to eat, not take pictures. These are just a few pics to show you what I did have.

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