Jam on Hawthorne


Jam on Hawthorne

2239 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214
Jam on Hawthorne


I won’t lie, I have heard mixed reviews on this place. But when a place has waits up to 30 minutes even after they have expanded to a much larger place, you need to find out what all the hubbub is about. We wanted to go for breakfast even though they are open all day.

I was hoping for some kind of benedict, but they don’t have any on the menu, they only have them as specials on the weekends, and even then just sometimes.

Don’t worry, I also like Corned Beef Hash. Since that was on the menu it was a no brainer. Wanting to try more, we questioned our server, who told us that we could order single serving of things in order to sample more items. Perfect! We added one Lemon Ricotta pancake, the spicy sausage and we changed our toast to biscuits.

The selection we had was a perfect amount of food. We both dove right into the Corned Beef Hash. We had ordered our eggs over easy and they came out over cooked, which means there was not good egg y0lk on my hash. I like my eggs runny. That might gross some of you out, but that’s the correct way to eat hash I’m sure. I thought the hash was just ok. It had horseradish in it, but it didn’t seem to to have enough. I felt it was definitely missing some kind of sauce. Don’t get me wrong, we finished the whole thing.

Corned Beef Hash, Maddie Cakes and Spicy Sausage

The Lemon Ricotta pancake, aka the Maddie cake, was off the charts good. I didn’t like the blueberry compote on it because it was too over powering for the pancake. Talk about a moist cake!!!

The sausage was spicy and also very good. I thought the biscuits were just ok.

My husband got his coffee and when I asked what kind of tea they served he said Stash. I don’t like Stash really. I must of had a disappointing look on my face because the server said, “I know it’s not the best.” Needless to say I skipped the tea.

Would I come back? I think I would definitely bring back the in laws for the pancakes, but not sure what else I would order.  I can make a killer scramble at home, so those are always out. I just wish they had benedicts.

We went on a weekday at around 9am and we didn’t have any wait at all. I hear weekends are much busier.

Let me ask you, my readers. If I go back what should I order?

  • Atmosphere was great. It was big and open and they even have a great kids play area. Plus the waiting room is quite large.
  • Pricing was great.
  • They served Portland Roasting Company and Stash Tea. Coffee drinkers win hands down here.
  • Service was good. I liked that our server helped us get a great sampling selection.
  • Jam is located on Hawthorne, just like the name suggests.

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