Koi Fusion

Tacos from Koi Fusion

7413 SW Bridgeport Rd Kiosk #1
Tigard, OR
(503) 603-9828
Koi Fusion


Koi Fusion is a food cart of sorts. It sits at Bridgeport in Tigard in one of the kiosks and serves the crowd that is wanting something fast and fresh as opposed to the many other sit down restaurants.

It’s Mexican food, no wait, it’s Korean, no wait…….

It’s Korean food served in burritos and tacos.

I have actually been to Koi Fusion a few times.  The first time I got the tacos. They are a nice size and 2 tacos was enough for me. I also like that when you order tacos you can try more than one meat. My two favorites are the Bulgogi Beef and the Pork.

Sweet Potato Fries

They also have Sweet Potato fries. I am a sucker for Sweet Potato fries. Not only that, but I really like to say Sweeeeet Potatoooo Friesss.  Anyways, they were good. They seemed a little out of place, but they were good nonetheless.

Burritos from Koi Fusion

The second time I went I got the burrito. It is pretty large, so if you have a big appetite this is a good thing to order. I really thought it was great, but in the end I really like the tacos better. I also noticed as we were there waiting, that most people did order tacos. (It’s funny that I pay that much attention to what others are doing, but I do). My husband loves the burritos, but I will stick with the tacos because I love their simplicity

Koi Fusion is a place worth seeking out if you are in the area. If you aren’t from the area then know parking is tricky here, so plan accordingly. Meaning, use the parking garage, it’s not that far away.

  • Atmosphere is a a kiosk with outside seating. In the winter they have covered seating with heaters.
  • Pricing was good for tacos, and for the burritos.
  • Service was good. They always seem helpful in there if you are trying to decide which meat to get.
  • They are located at Bridgeport in Tigard. Check their website for additional locations as they have multiple carts.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the feature! We really love that you appreciate our food!:)

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