The Egg Carton

The Egg Carton on SE Foster

5205 SE Foster Rd.
Portland, OR
The Egg Carton

I have seen write ups about this food cart so I knew I needed to try it myself.  I do love Eggs Benedict and it was on the menu and it was receiving great reviews. I needed to find out for myself how good it was. Since I was dragging my husband along I checked the menu and reviews to find a second option to order and knew it was the FoPo Cristo.

The Eggs Benedict were really good. The Hollandaise sauce had a hint of lemon that just makes it sing in your mouth.  As you can see I got the Veggie Bennie, and basil and eggs are a match made in heaven.

Veggie Benedict at The Egg Carton

The FoPo Cristo. How does one describe the FoPo? My husband took a bite and immediately said there are so many flavors going on, it takes a second to really take it all in. You have 2 pieces of french toast, with jam, spicy mustard, bacon, ham and egg. There was most definitely a party going on in your mouth with this breakfast sandwich.

The FoPo

We had the opportunity to talk with the owners. They are really neat people, that are working hard to put great food on the table for all of us to enjoy, and they are doing it right. The Egg Carton easily made the favorites list. 

Update Nov ’13:

We have been back to this cart numerous times and have continued to have our favorites and tried a few specials.  Just recently I tried their Popeye Hash. She uses her sweet potato fries for this hash, so I immediately loved it, and the Popeye sauce has tons of flavor and a slight kick to it. I almost, and I mean almost, enjoyed it more than my eggs benedict. (You can see I did order 1 eggs benedict, I couldn’t pass it up.) I also like that she has added this menu item because it is gluten free.

Popeye Hash. Gluten Free and fabulous.
Popeye Hash. Gluten Free and fabulous.

I was with Paul Gerald, who writes Breakfast in Bridgetown, and he ordered the special of the day. The Fluffernutter. Home made marshmallow fluff with Bliss Nut Butter Peanut butter and bananas all stuffed between two pieces of french toast.

The Fulffernutter Speical with a side of Rosemary sweet potatoes.
The Fulffernutter Special with a side of Rosemary sweet potatoes.


  • The atmosphere was pretty typical of any food pod, it was on a busy street. Although, it had lots of covered seating. Lots of tables also had board games, which makes it feel like there is no rush to get up and go. Just enjoy.
  • Service is obviously order at the counter. I did like that they left their trailer to come out and check on us. It wasn’t just us either, they checked on another couple that had stopped by. I also love that they use real plates as opposed to paper. It was a treat.
  • Prices were good. Food carts are an affordable way to eat.
  • They had coffee and tea. Plus other juices as well.
  • The Egg Carton is located on SE Foster.

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