Our Groupon Day

Kava from Bula Kava

That’s right we spent a whole day using Groupons, so it was a day of good deals, good food and good times. Here’s how we did it.

Cinetopia Beaverton, $21 for 2 movie tickets and $7 drink voucher

In order to work it all in and get all over town we had to start early…..with a beer.  Don’t judge me.

Our first Groupon was for Cinetopia. Because we went on a Friday we didn’t get the most value out of it, but it was still good. Instead of 2 drinks we got a $7 voucher included with our 2 movies. Since it was just noon, one beer seemed to be enough.

Cinetopia has great comfy seats with footrests.  Watch for this one, it seems to come around often. I think this was my third or fourth time using a Groupon here. There are 3 locations, we chose the Beaverton location.

Bula Kava on Division
3115 SE Division Street
Portland, OR

From there we made our way to Bula Kava on the east side using a Groupon Now. I read up on this and I will be honest, I don’t completely get it. It’s a root that they make this drink out of. There are few different types and the one we tried was to make you more social or talkative. You can get “intoxicated” with this drink, although it’s different than with alcohol. Basically, and these were his words, you drink this water that tastes like dirt. We were told not to sip it but to just chug it.

My drink had apple and ginger in it. It was more of something you sip on. It did make my tongue and throat go numb, which was weird.

The guy was great. There is definitely a following as many people came in and knew exactly what they wanted. We decided that we like beer because of the taste not because we wanted to get intoxicated, so why drink dirt water just to get intoxicated.

Anyways, check the place out, it’d definitely different and worth a stop. Ask as many questions as you want, the owner loves sharing all about it.

Fonzi’s Bakabana Cabana
3239 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR

Just one block over on Hawthorne was a food cart called Fonzi’s Bakabana Cabana. All I really knew was that it was Carribean and South American cuisine, and I wasn’t even completely sure what that meant. I did know that with my Groupon I got 2 Jungle Bowls.

Jungle Bowls included Rice, beans, Sweet African Chicken, which my husband got or Curry Chicken, which I got. It’s topped with potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes. He had run out of tomatoes when we were there so we got avocado instead.

Curried Chicken Jungle Bowl

Honestly I don’t know which one I liked better. They both were served with a spicy peanut sauce, but there was already so much flavor going on that you didn’t really need that. I am glad that Groupon Now lead me to this place, because I would not only go back, but suggest it to someone looking for a good, quick meal.

There was only one seat outside, although there might be a few more right next to the other food carts.

Since we were on Hawthorne, and my husband hadn’t been for quite some time, we stopped for dessert at the Waffle Window, yes it was full price, but a great deal at just $4 each.

Berry Bliss and the season Peach

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Groupon Now here is how it works,  You buy the deal. It’s only valid for certain hours on that day. If for some reason you don’t use it in time, you will get fully reimbursed.  I bought one earlier in the week that I didn’t not use, and within a few days I was reimbursed, so I know it does work.

We did all that for just $35, but including the waffles it was up to $43. Not bad for a day of food, entertainment and drinks.



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