Tree’s Restaurant and Catering in Sherwood

Pulled Pork at Trees in Sherwood.

20501 SW Roy Rogers Rd
Sherwood, OR
503 822 5583
Tree’s Restaurant and Catering

We are so happy to see a new restaurant make its way into this space.  There was a restaurant here a few years back and the space is so relaxing it just begs you to stay.

The catch was going to be if the food was good enough to bring you back time and time again. After much prodding from our neighbor we finally made the trek to Sherwood to try it out.

We got there in time for Happy Hour, but nothing off the menu grabbed us. Although I have heard the burger is pretty great. We actually ended up ordering the specials for the week. I got the Pork chop stuffed with tomatoes and mushrooms and topped with a berry glaze. OMG!!!!  I wasn’t sure how the flavor combo was going to work, but it worked perfectly.

Pork Chop with Berry glaze, snap peas and a huge baked potato

If you have read my about page you know I love pork chops, but they can be tricky. Some come out plain and dry others come out creative and perfect. This was was most definitely the latter.  It was perfectly juicy and had such a burst of flavor in your mouth you didn’t know which way to go.  I LOVE THAT!!  Please don’t give me plain, I can make plain at home.

The pulled pork also had some berry thing going on. It was a berry BBQ sauce. It was not over sweet, just perfect.  I didn’t love the fries (I’m picky) but my husband said they were great.

My pork chop came with a baked potato. I had been told to order the grits with Parmasan, but I totally forgot and wish I had. Potatoes are great and it was the perfect combo, but I would have liked to try something different. Next time, and yes, there will be a next time.

Can I also add that presentation was also perfect. I love a great presentation and you nailed it!!!

Read on to find out what I really think about their burger.

  • Atmosphere is beyond perfect, especially if you are looking for a romantic dinner out. It is surrounded by trees. We sat outside on the patio, but even from the inside the big windows open up to the trees.
  • Pricing was pretty average. My chop was $18 and the pulled pork was $12.
  • They had great beers on tap, good wine selection and a great cocktail list. They had it all covered.
  • Service was great.
  • Trees is located in Sherwood across the street from Safeway in the Hunters Ridge complex.

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