3957 North Mississippi Avenue
Portland, OR
503- 287-8800


I hope I don’t let anyone down, but….I didn’t order any gravy.

That’s ok though, because this place is great with or without gravy.

The first thing that jumped off the page to me was the Corned Beef Hash. I had also read ahead of time that this was supposed to be great. My husband agreed that a hash sounded good so he ordered the Smoked Salmon Hash.

To say the servings are large is a gross understatement. These things are huge. So huge that when we got them my husband, who hates to share, said “we should have shared.”

There is nothing fancy or pretty about the presentation, just a big ol plate of hash. Both were very good. I got a side of fruit, but my husband upgraded to the French Toast because it looked so good.

French Toast and Hash

I don’t eat a lot of French Toast, not a huge fan. I ate quite a bit of this one. I don’t know how it was different, but it was light and fluffy and so good.

Our server also brought out a house made salsa that is the owners own creation. Very good, with a nice kick.


  • Atmosphere is very diner like. Great for place for kids. There is a sign in sheet when you enter. If there are lots of people standing around you might not see this.
  • Service was great. My husband likes his coffee and he likes it full. I don’t know if he ever actually ran completely out.
  • Price was good especially considering the size.
  • Gravy is located on Mississippi Ave.

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