Dicks Kitchen on Belmont

Portobello Mushroom Burger

3312 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR
Dick’s Kitchen

This place has a huge following. How do I know, I’ve seen the reviews and when I was there I saw the huge crowd and long lines. This place has to be good. My husband wasn’t super convinced once he started looking at the menu, but I told him to just wait. It’s got great reviews.

I love the board that shows all the specials. It’s huge, like floor to ceiling huge. There were some great things listed on it, but we came for the burgers and “not fries.”

Special Menu Board

I knew my husband and son would get the burgers so I ventured out and got the Portobello Burger.  Even though I love meat, I also love a great Portobello.  I was told it was marinated overnight and was extra juicy. SOLD.

As we were ordering she asked if we wanted any of the house-made sauces.  We had no clue what they were. So she explained them to us what they were and even made suggestions.  What she forgot to mention was that they were tiny and they were also .50 each. We liked them so much, but there wasn’t enough so we order more. Still had no idea that we were purchasing $3 worth of side sauces.  I just discovered this right after I got home when I was trying to figure out how our bill go so high.

They are known for local ingredients, as are tons of other Portland eateries, and they are known for organic….you know the best the cleanest, the safest. They serve grass fed beef from Eastern Oregon.

Our burgers came out with our “not fries” and Yam “not fries”.  My Portobello was juicy, just like she said. There was juice everywhere, including my whole entire bun that became a watery soggy mess and just fell apart. The Portobello it’s self was so salty I couldn’t even taste mushroom. After a few bites and trying to adjust to the taste I finally start slathering it with chipotle aioli.  The yams were fine.

My husband was not pleased with his burger, so I took a taste and it was just off. Now I know they claim it’s grass fed and different than most restaurants and the cows were free range and treated humanely, but I’m from Eastern Oregon. We raised our own grass fed cows and for the most part they were humanely treated except when they were little enough that my brother and I were sure we could ride them.

The following here is huge!  We looked around and just couldn’t believe it. Nothing we had tasted good. Oh and the other thing is they claim to put very little salt on the meat. I’m not sure if that’s because they want the real taste to come through or if they use it all on the “not fries”, which were overly salty.

Like I said I don’t know what happened.  We were told we needed to try it again. So maybe one day.  Like I said the line was out there door.

  • Atmosphere was light bright and open. Quite full and lots of families.
  • Pricing was a kind of high for a burger. The burgers were priced right, it’s just that fries and sauces were an extra cost.
  • Service was great. Our gal helped us out, answered questions and was attentive.
  • There was a good beer selection  and wine selection. They even specials on the board.
  • Dicks Kitchen is located on Belmont and there is a second location in the NW district.

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  1. Hi Amy! My name is Julie and I am the Manager at Dick’s on Belmont, I just stumbled upon your review and couldn’t help but say ‘you were right…and we listened!’ We have adjusted our marinade recipe which had somehow over the past couple years strayed away from the original recipe (and is significantly less salty.) We also agreed that although our buns had great flavor they just couldn’t quite hold up to the juices of our meat (and meatless) burgers. We are currently trying out other local bakeries buns to find just the right fit! I’d love to invite you back to Dick’s Kitchen to give us a second chance, we think you would like the changes we have made! I’d be happy to send you a couple burger coupons if you contact me with a mailing address.

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