Griddled Muffin. Yep!

5222 SE 52nd Ave
Portland, OR

Seriously???  I was just reading that Toast has been around since 2007.  Wow, I’m late to the party.

We wanted to try a new place to celebrate my father in laws birthday. After much research I decided this menu would please everyone.

Toast is a neighborhood diner. It looks like a hole in the wall restaurant, but inside it’s a charmer. Every.single.item we saw coming out was plated with perfect presentation. So choosing to stay was very easy.

There were 5 of us, but once we saw the french toast come out (for someone else) 3 of them were sold. I on the other hand deliberated and switched and changed my mind and finally landed on the Eggs Benedict.  No surprise right?

Eggs Benedict from Toast

I liked the Eggs Benedict, I did ask for heirloom tomatoes since I had seen on Facebook they were offering that over the weekend. They were very good.

My husband ordered the Go Home Thomas, which was a breakfast sandwich with a house made sausage and scrambled eggs.  Very tasty! He was really happy with it. Both our dishes came with Potato Rosti, which were fancy hash browns.

The person that needed to be the happiest was my father in law, and he was. He really enjoyed his Berry Delicious French Toast. I had a taste, and it was pretty dang good. Just so you know, the taste matched the presentation on this dish.

Berry Delicious French Toast

I almost forgot one of the best things ever.  They have daily muffins and they brought one out for my father in law. It was a Marionberry muffin, but they heat it up by splitting it down the middle and putting it on the griddle.  BEST THING EVER!! Toast, you have taken the muffin to the next level.

So thank you Toast for a great first visit.

  • Atmosphere is very much a diner joint, great for families and they even have outdoor seating.
  • Service was great today. My husband likes to judge the service by how full his coffee cup is. It was always full.
  • Pricing was a bit on the steep side. Seriously this is my only complaint. They do get everything locally, so we are supporting that and it does cost more and you can taste the difference.
  • Coffee was Courier Coffee and the tea was Fox Fire, which is a loose leaf tea. Great tea choice by the way. They also had tons of morning cocktails to choose from.
  • Toast is located off of SE 52nd.

Toast is a favorite. Check out more of my favorites.
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