Brasserie Montmartre

Happy Hour at Brasserie Montmartre

This place changed ownership quite some time ago and it has been on my list of places to revisit. I was enjoying  a girls day and we were out during Happy Hour, so we checked the menu and became instantly excited.

My friend saw that they had Croque Monsier, and she was excited to try it. There were a few things that I had no idea what they were, so as always, I ask and can’t wait for descriptions. If you haven’t guessed I just love food and I love great presentation and great preparation.

Our server finally makes her way over to us and asks us about any drinks. The Happy Hour drinks are pretty limited, so we just order what we wanted.

We begin to ask her about certain dishes. We ask her what the Croque Monsier is. She says to us “It’s a grilled cheese sandwich.” Knowing we are at a pretty nice place we begin to ask if there is any egg wash on the outside or anything that sets it apart, again she says, “nope, just a grilled cheese sandwich.” Well, we can make that at home…

We then ask her about the Pork Rillettes. I still don’t know what they are except they are small and just ok. Then we ask about the Braised Beef and Brie and basically got told that it’s just want it says it is. I asked if it was big, she said no, so we all ordered the burger.

Burger off the Happy Hour menu

The burger was fine nothing extra special, but not bad. We also order Pomme Frittes which were great.

  • Atmosphere was very modern and very open.
  • Pricing for happy hour was good.
  • They had a good beer list, and a large wine list.
  • Service was prompt, although they didn’t promote any of their product well.
  • Brasserie Montmartre is located in Downtown Portland

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  1. A suggestion. Reviewing a restaurant for happy hour is not doing them justice. This is a regular lunch spot for me because I live downtown and their service, menu and ambiance is exceptional in every way. Very recently one of the co-owners left to open a restaurant in West Linn (Allium) and the Chef/owner now is creating some interesting and exceptional menu items. Please give them another visit. You’ll be impressed.

    As to your comment about a Croque Monsieur. It is a traditional French sandwich that basically is a toasted ham and Swiss Gruyere cheese sandwich with bechamal sauce.. It’s typically battered with an egg and milk wash and broiled or fried. Definitely not something most of us fix at home.

    • I agree totally with your comment about the Croque Monsieur being something completely different than anything I would fix at home. After asking her a few times about this sandwich that they serve, she was pretty confident that it had no batter and no sauce, it was simply a grilled cheese sandwich. If the wait staff has no idea what they serve I have a hard time putting putting my trust and my money into this place.

      I will think about going back and trying a meal there.

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