You Had a Burger Where??

Some of the places you would least expect to have the best burgers in town.

Bamboo Sushi 

Half a Kobe Beef Sumo Burger from Bamboo Sushi

Let me just start this post by saying if I could have that good of service every time I went out to eat and had food that was just as spectacular I would find it hard not to eat out every single day. Bamboo Sushi really has the best service I have had anywhere to date!

Let’s get to the good stuff now.  We went to Bamboo Sushi because we had heard they had an incredible burger. Not only that, but with my kids selling the Chinook Book I quickly realized that there was a coupon in there too. SCORE!!

We get to the door, they ask us what area we would like to sit in. There is a dining area, bar area and a sushi bar area.  It’s such a great space. I didn’t take pictures because it’s dimly lit, creating a great ambiance, and taking a picture would have pretty much brought more attention to myself than I am comfortable with .

We tell them we are there for the Kobe Beef burger. The hostess rants and raves about it. She seats us at the bar and our server rants and raves about it. She says the Sumo Burger, which has everything on it, egg, shallots and bacon, is so big we should split it and also try some sushi. We ask her about the sushi and she asks a few questions and basically orders for us, after we pretty much said, “order the best thing you have.”  I love when servers know and love the menu enough to not only suggest, but be confident enough in what they are getting to just order for you. She even said if we didn’t like it, she would buy it.

I also love that she had things come out in stages. We got to enjoy every single thing. The sushi was off the charts.  We do like sushi, but tend to eat at the cheap places.  Once you taste the good stuff it’s all over.

We also ordered the okonomiyaki, traditional Japanese savory pancake, topped with pan fried oysters, shrimp and drizzled with aioli and eel sauce. I had seen a recipe for this recently, but was just too lazy to make it. It was also superb.

Well, we came for the burger and we were wowed by it all.  The Burger was cooked a little rarer than we like, it was their recommendation, and the bun was perfect. I didn’t feel like I needed to tear it off because it was useless bread. Even with all the toppings the burger itself stood out. Often times the toppings steal the show, but not here.

  • Atmosphere is lively.  If you want it quieter sit in the dining area near the window. If you are there for the sushi sit towards the back, but know you can order from the full menu anywhere.
  • Pricing reflects that of good sushi. You will pay more, but it’s worth it.  The burger was very expensive, but I felt you got what you paid for with this Kobe Beef Burger. You could save a few bucks and not have all the toppings and I just might do that next time.
  • There were a few beers on tap, not a huge selection, but I found something I enjoyed.  Lot’s of wines, but they are really know for their Sake. They even have a map with all the different region and what Sake’s come from those regions. They were also mixing some great looking drinks at the bar.
  • Service was the best in Portland.
  • Bamboo Sushi is located on NW 23rd, but also there is a SE location

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Tree’s Restaurant and Catering

If you want what I think is the Best Burger in the Portland Metro area, you just might need to drive a bit. But it might not be out of your way if you are headed to the Wine Country. Make a stop in Sherwood at the Tree’s Restaurant and Catering.  I have reviewed this place already and you can read about it here.

The last time we came our daughter got a burger, we tasted it, then came back and ordered our own.

This beef in this burger is spectacular.  It’s an 8 oz hand made patty that tastes incredibly fresh. She some how makes the topping also a show, but you can still taste the beef.  But that’s not all, the bun also is a huge factor in this burger. It’s like a soft ciabatta bread.  I am not a huge bread eater and buns can make or break a burger for me, simply because too much bread can over power the flavors. But this burger has it all.

I ordered the Sicily Burger. Grilled Balsamic Tomato’s, Blue Cheese, Crunchy Prosciutto, Smoked Tomato Aioli. The day my daughter ordered it she had them hold the blue cheese.  It was really good, but when I ordered it I had nothing held.  It was not over powering at all. As a matter of fact it was the last perfect balance to this burger.

Unfortunately every other burger in town will now be compared to this bad boy!

Don’t forget to check out my other post to see what other fabulous food they serve.

I forgot to take a picture, but don’t worry, I will go back and grab a picture. It’s only because I was sure I already had a picture from our last visit.

Yakuza Lounge

Burger from Yakuza Lounge

Look up reviews on Yakuza and you will see rave reviews of their burger. We had to go out and give it a try, I mean could it really be that good? We made our way to Killingsworth to find out.

One bite in and we both agreed the burger was fantastic and worth the trip. AND worth a trip back.

The beef in this was very flavorful and the toppings didn’t over power the meat. There was even Chevre on the burger. I didn’t tell my husband and let him try it with it on, and there was such a small amount and it complemented everything else going on in this burger.

My husband votes this as the Best Burger in Portland, I still think Tree’s has it beat, but it was pretty dang good, don’t get me wrong.

For a full review of the all the other great food we enjoyed that night, read on…..




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