Yakuza Lounge

Look how cool this place is.

5411 NE 30th Avenue
Portland, OR
503 450 0893
Yakuza Lounge

This was a perfect date night spot. It’s cozy, romantic, great food, good service and a place where we never felt rushed.

The draw to try this place was the burger. Honestly that is the whole reason we went. But once we saw the menu we knew we wanted to try so much more. We opted to split the burger so we could do an evening of sampling. Read more about the delicious burger here and see how it compares to others around town.

As always I start by asking our server what they like. She was super informative, she knew the dishes well and she steered us in the right direction.

We started with sashimi.  Presentation was beautiful and it was melt in your mouth perfect! Wow, I wish I had a budget that could allow me to eat like that all the time. WOW!

Sashimi from Yakuza Lounge

We also enjoyed they Brussels Sprouts. Seriously if there are ever brussels sprouts on a menu I will probably order them. I love them, I eat them at home and just love trying all different ways of fixing them.

The ribs were also suggested and it was the item we enjoyed the least. They were fall off the bone tender, but they were almost too saucy and we didn’t love the sauce. Most people rave about them, so give them a try and see what you think.

Super tender ribs

We tried one sushi it was the Spicy Sushi and it was very flavorful and had a good amount of heat with the peppers sprinkled on top.  My husband wished that had more kick, but it was enough for me.

Spicy Sushi from Yakuza Lounge. Just the right amount of spice.

Over all it was a delightful experience.

  • Atmosphere was romantic, yet there was a family there with young kids.
  • Pricing was a little on the high side, but this is top notch sushi and sashimi, you pay more for the good stuff.
  • Service was impeccable.
  • They had a few beers on tap, one that made me completely happy, the Caldera IPA. They also have a great cocktail list and wines.
  • Yakuza Lounge is located just off Killingsworth in NE Portland.

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