Brix Tavern

All breakfast entrees come with complementary donuts

1338 Northwest Hoyt Street  Portland, OR
(503) 943-5995
Brix Tavern

Today was one of those days you wake up and say I want a good breakfast. We looked at each other and said “Olympic Provisions”. Then we got the frugal bug and decided to use a Groupon we had purchased.  We ended up at Brix Tavern.

This was our second visit to Brix. Unfortunately we are still not super impressed with the place. As we were leaving I did realize the crowd that it does draw. It was just after 10am and there were a group of 20 something guys, already drinking beer and Bloody Mary’s and playing pool.  That is the crowd and you could tell that those guys loved this place.

I just want food that will wow me. We tried 3 things. We tried the Prime Rib Hash. It came out like a Beef Stew.  The flavor was actually good for a stew, but it was definitely not a hash or a breakfast food really. Once you add eggs to it, it’s just gets confusing.

Prime Rib Hash

We did like the Chicken and Waffles. If you have never tried that combination you need to give it a shot.

Chicken and Waffles

I tried the Eggs Benedicts, like always, and I thought they were ok.

Eggs Benedict

Here’s my final analysis. This place is perfect for the group/age that they cater to. Absolutely perfect. It’s not the Portland food scene I am looking for. So please don’t write this place off because of me.

  • Atmosphere is large, open, yet cozy.  They really did a great job on the inside. There are pool tables towards the back and I believe an upper open room that can be reserved for big groups.
  • Pricing was pretty average. We had to order 3 things to get over $30 so we could use our Groupon.
  • Service was ok. They had one gal waiting all the tables and she was working her tail off.
  • Brix Tavern is located in the Pearl.

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