4545 Southwest Watson Avenue  Beaverton, OR

Happy Hour review only

We had been to Decarli a few years back when it first opened. I still remember to this day what I ordered. I got the the Pork. It was so big it flowed over my plate, and it was done perfectly. We were satisfied that day, we have just never made it back.

We had read about the Happy Hour and I thought we should give it a try. We were in the area on a Sunday, when they have Happy Hour all night, so the timing was perfect.

I, of course, wanted to try the burger. The Short rib sandwich was calling my husbands name. We decided to split both of those and just for the heck of it we also ordered a pizza.  We got the one with salami and pickled chilis.

The burger was really good, very juicy and great flavor, but nothing extra special.  Just a good solid burger. It came with shoestring fries, which I couldn’t stop eating.  The bun was pretty predictable, I did end up taking some of it off, because it was just too much.

The Short Rib sandwich came out on a Focaccia type bread. It was a perfect bun. The description of the short rib sandwich said it had a cabbage slaw on it, but I never saw any slaw. It did however come with a side salad. The meat, but good, but it would have really been good with the added slaw.

The pizza was just alright. It was a bit too saucy and even though the pickled chilis was intriguing, we never tasted them. We ate some at the restaurant and then brought it home for our kids to finish off.

  • The atmosphere is pretty awesome. They have done a great job with the space and it holds quite a few people. The bar area, where happy hour is served is smaller, but the rest is rather large. The restaurant is very dark, thus none of my pictures turned out.
  • Pricing for happy hour was great. For dinner Decarli is on the high side. Although in there defense, with a $25 entree you also get the sides that come with it.
  • Service was good. Although we did sit at the bar, so it’s hard to ignore someone there.
  • Drinks were at a happy hour price. The beer was $3.50 and specialty cocktails were $6.
  • Decarli is located in downtown Beaverton.

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