Olympic Provisions Northwest

Eggs Benedict with Sweatheart Ham

1632 NW Thurman St. Portland
503 894 8136
Olympic Provisions NW

We stumbled upon this place a few weeks back when we were out running around. We had already eaten, but we stopped anyways and checked out the menu and quickly put it on our list of places to visit.

We went for brunch, which is only offered on the weekends.  This place was packed. We found a few seats up at the bar where you can watch the chefs do their thing. I always love that.

Because I am such a food nerd, I had already checked the menu over a few times and knew I wanted to try the Classic Eggs Benedict.  Now I never order the classic version because  do NOT like deli ham. But I knew this place would have good meats, since that is what they do. I was not disappointed at all. It was perfect. The hollandaise sauce was perfect, even though it didn’t have the touch of lemon that I do love.  The potatoes on the side were a great compliment.

My husband wanted the kielbasa hash and after we asked to make sure it was a good choice, and assured it was the best choice, we ordered it. This was so very good. I can’t tell you how good this was.  It came on a bed a frisee. At first it seemed weird, but it was actually a great combination. I have never seen that with a hash before and I liked it.

Kielbasa Hash

We enjoyed the kielbasa so much we purchased some to take home. Since we went without our kids, we decided to make something special for them. I sauteed some potatoes, veggies and the kielbasa. It was a huge hit. As a matter of fact I didn’t make enough. We also bought some of the Sweatheart ham kielbasa and for breakfast I made a veggie and kielbasa scramble. Another huge hit.

  • The atmosphere is somewhat sterile, but it works. It’s not a huge space, but they have made it to accommodate quite a few people.
  • The coffee is Stumptown and they brew it a special way. He explained it, but I didn’t understand. Just go try it. The tea was a loose leaf tea from Steven Smith, which makes sense, since it’s right next door.
  • Pricing was a bit on the high side, but we really enjoyed our food, so we were happy.
  • Service was great.
  • Olympic Provisions NW is located in the NW Industrial area.  There is also a SE Location.

Olympic Provisions is a favorite. Check out more of my favorites.

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