Slide Inn

Zwetschkenschmarrn. An Austrian pancake that is fabulous.

2348 SE Ankeny
Portland, OR
Slide Inn

I love when I discover a new place that is on a street I have never been on. That’s also what I truly love about Portland. I feel like every time I go out and try a new place, it’s a complete adventure! Today, was no exception.

Slide Inn is off of Ankeny, in an up and coming area. There are empty lots, brand new condos followed by run down buildings and tucked in between all of that you find some great eateries, like Slide Inn. It’s those places that make me happy.

We got there for their weekend brunch, right when the doors opened.  We were greeted by the owner. I love talking to owners. They are passionate about something on the menu, that’s why they have a restaurant. You just have to ask enough questions to find out what that item is.

I always like to try eggs benedicts. It’s always what’s on my mind and my agenda. When they came around to take our order I did ask what their specialty was. He was quick to point out these 2 items. Kaisershcmarrn-Austrian pancake oven baked with raisins, vanilla, cut into small pieces and caramelized with sugar and Zwetschkenschmarrn-Austrian pancake oven baked then cut into small pieces caramelized with sugar and served with organic plum compote.

Eggs Benedict from Slide Inn

I asked him about the eggs benedicts and he said they were also good.

Of course we had to order one of the pancakes so we chose the Zwetschkenschmarrn and an eggs benedict. We were warned that the Austrian pancake would take about 25 minutes to cook. It was fine, we had our tea and coffee and waited.

When our food finally arrived and we saw the Zwetschkenschmarrn, we were perplexed. We were trying to figure out what was on top. He brought out their house specialty syrups, but we found out rather quickly that the meal itself needed no more flavor. It was perfect.

In English terms, it turned out we ordered an Austrian pancake that was cut up. They had plums on top, but they tasted just like whole apples from a very good applesauce.  I could have eaten a bowl of that all by myself. This dish is off the charts good.  Amazing. It was my husbands dish and I couldn’t stop sneaking bites.

My eggs benedicts were good. I liked the hollandaise sauce, it had a great flavor. I also loved the english muffins. Usually the muffin is nondescript, but this one was extra moist and flavorful. I never order ham on my eggs benedict because I don’t like cheap ham, this ham was great. I was not a fan of the wilted spinach. A little less would have been good, but nonetheless, I enjoyed it all.

They also do a house made sausage. I don’t know why I always try these because I always end up disappointed. They always have this chalky taste. He assured us it was good and fresh, so we ordered it.  This was the best house made sausage I have had in quite some time. We got the Hungarian House made Sausage. The flavor was perfect, the texture is what you always hope for and it was great.

I love talking to owners because I like to know what they love and what is special to them. I asked that question and still I went with what was on my agenda. Today I should have stayed with what he said. My dish was good, the other dish was fabulous and extra special and something you can’t just get anywhere. This is his passion.

Cozy, retro atmosphere

  • Atmosphere is very retro. I love the wall of retro clocks, I love the long tables with benches to seat large crowds. I love the open feeling of the big windows even on a cloudy January morning.
  • Service was good. A very large group came in while we were there, but they continued to keep up.
  • Pricing was great. I also felt like you got your moneys worth. Nice size portions.
  • They serve Cafe Umbria Coffee, which is awesome and they serve Stash tea. I am a big tea drinker and I was a little disappointed in the selection. Read my opinion on teas here.  I am also a beer drinker and I saw they have quite a few beers on tap for dinner and happy hour.
  • They have Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free options available.
  • Slide Inn is located off of SE Ankeny St.

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  1. I ate here with a friend when the wait at the Screen Door nearby was just too long. The day we ate at Slide Inn, the service was beyond horrendous (long waits for every aspect of the experience, we had to go looking for the waitress for to pay our bill, she didn’t even recognize us, had lost the bill and had to make a new one) and the food was just AWFUL. It was easily the worst dining experience we’ve ever had in Portland, and we’ve had a few. We still can’t believe how bad it was in every way.

    I hope we were just there on a particularly bad day, but in case people read your nice review and think it’s consistently like this, it’s not. :( Lots of bad reviews on Yelp,too….

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