Jamison for Brunch

Steak hash with brussel sprouts and cauliflower. This photo is not edited. The yolk was that yellow.

900 NW 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
503 972-3330

I had been to this restaurant one other time when it was Fenouli. We had drinks outside and somehow I had never wandered inside. I was struck by how beautiful this place is. Old barn wood covers the high walls, chandaleirs hung in bird cages provide the lighting. Huge doors open up in the summer to let in the warm sun at it offers a view of Jamison park.  The bar has bar stools that seem extra large and high giving a great view of the chefs cranking out some awesome creations. Yep, the atmosphere alone won me over.

Before we left I checked out the menu online and I was excited, to say the least to try this place, already making decisions in my head as I wondered down.

After much questioning I realized the server was not super great at suggesting things, so I went with my instinct and passed up the eggs benedicts and chose the steak hash.  It really was a toss up.

My hash came out with huge chunks brussel sprouts and cauliflower. It even had a mustard sauce on it. The very first time I ever ordered a hash, it had mustard sauce, so I guess when I find one with the sauce, it’s kinda like coming home.  I was very impressed with this hash.

My husband ordered the Sockeye salmon scramble, bacon, onion and cream cheese. I tried it, even though I am not a huge fish fan and it was very nicely done.  The salmon did not over power the dish. My husband loved it.

Spanish Omelet.

This was a bittersweet meal which also included our daughter. She is leaving and this was a going away brunch. She loves her peppers so she quickly jumped on the Spanish omelet with padron & sweet peppers, yukon potatoes, arugula, onion and aioli. It too, was a great entree.

None of us were disappointed with our meals. As a matter of fact I am already planning on when my daughter comes home this summer we are going to celebrate and sit outside for our next brunch.

  • Atmosphere was exceptional. Very romantic and very, very bright and open.
  • Service was not so good. We were able to keep getting her attention though to get what we needed.
  • Pricing averaged around $12-$13 a plate.  Dinner is much more expensive at about $26-$27 on average per plate.
  • The tea was Steven Smith.
  • Jamison is located in the Pearl.

Jamison is a favorite. Check out more of my favorites.

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