With such romantic lighting it’s hard to get a great picture. Even though you can’t tell the presentation was beautiful.

912 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR
(503) 445-4716

This place has been around for 7 years….seven years!! How I have missed this cute, romantic and impressive restaurant? I went because I had a Groupon. Without that Groupon I don’t know when I would have stopped in.

This place had “romantic” written all over it. From the cute tables, the decor, candlelight everywhere and a guitarist playing softly in the background. I felt like we had arrived at possible the best possible Valentines destination in Portland.

I always go straight for the pork dishes, but after all these years of eating out, I have finally changed my husband to a pork eater and he beat me too it. I know we could order 2, but I wanted to try more than one thing. I couldn’t decide between the butternut squash ravioli or the gnocchi.  Our server left, but when she returned I had not made much more progress. She finally said that she would bring me 2 half orders. How could I argue with that? We both agreed (the server and I) that the sauces they were being served with needed to be switched, so I had the gnocchi with a spicy marinara and the butternut ravioli with a garlic dill cream sauce.

Oh yes, and because I love butternut squash so much we also ordered the Focaccia bread with a butternut squash and roasted garlic dip. Very yummy, even my husband enjoyed that and it was a huge order of bread for just $3.

Our food finally arrives and let me tell you….half orders are the size of full orders. I had more pasta than I could handle for sure. The pork dish with the Madeira sauce was absolutely perfect. It was served or polenta, not just any polenta, crispy polenta wedges that is, which I prefer.

I can’t say enough about this place. Seriously, one of the best places I have been to in Portland in a very long time.  We will return. This might easily be one of those places when you can’t decide where to go, you just stop into Iorio. This place is definitely a favorite.

I also should apologize at this time for gawking at every table on the way out, I was trying to see what they ordered. You never know what you may have missed out on.

  • Atmosphere is incredibly romantic, yet there were kids in there too. It’s a smaller space, but they can also accommodate groups.
  • Service was the best there is. Our server was off chatting with every table she was waiting on, yet she was never behind, we never waited for anything and she was very informative and made sure we had the perfect dining experience.
  • There is a good wine selection, a few beers by the bottle, but no beers on tap. They also have some cocktails.
  • Pricing was pretty typical for this quality of restaurant. Between $15-$20 per entree and the portions very on the larger side, but not over the top. I felt like it was priced perfectly.
  • iorio is located on Hawthorne Street.

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