2nd Story – Closed

Squash and bean puree with crackers and the pickles.

2005 SE 11th Ave.
Portland, OR
(503) 741-9693
2nd Story

I discovered this place with my Chinook Book. I tell you, I am loving that thing this year. Anyways, with an evening concert at the Aladdin I knew I wanted some place fairly close, but also something different. 2nd Story offers small plates with plenty of options.

Let me back this up for all the men out there. I did have to prep my husband ahead of time and tell him it was small plates and we would be ordering quite a few things. I also told him even though the menu might look small at first glance, if you really read through, the options are great.

I had made reservations, just in case. At 5:30 the place is still just coming alive, so our table was ready and waiting. We started off with drinks and I just want to give a shout out to Pfriem, I love that they are carrying their Blonde IPA. I got hooked on this beer from our most recent visit to Hood River and the Pfriem Brewery.

Our server was awesome. We asked several questions and she steered us in the right direction ordering a few things we may have skipped, like the quinoa grapefruit salad. We did however order way too much food, but that’s beside the point.

Quinoa Grapefruit salad. This was delicious.

We started with the pickle jar of veggies. I don’t do pickles, but was pleasantly surprised to see beet pickles down in there and scarfed those down immediately. That’s a childhood comfort food for me.

The squash and bean puree was good, the crackers were homemade, I didn’t love them, but my husband thought they were awesome. So nothing got left behind there.

There just so happened to be a burger on the menu so we obviously ordered that. It came with the spicy aioli that we had with our fingerling potatoes. It also had a tomato jam on it. You could taste the subtle sweetness of the tomato jam and it was a perfect addition to the burger. We loved the burger.

Beef Crostata with roasted veggies and a nice side salad.

We also ordered the mushroom and kasha cakes and we thought they were ok, mostly because we didn’t like the spicy chili sauce they were served with. The albacore tuna was good and I really loved that it was served with beans and  sauteed greens. The beef crostata was also very good and came with a small salad.

The menu is always changing. The pics that I saw on their Facebook page were different than what we had on our menu. Looks like we will need to make a return visit as the seasons change. I feel like we really did find a hidden gem here. No one I talked to has heard about it.

  • Atmosphere was very quaint in the upstairs of this older house. It’s quite small, but just cute and romantic. It’s very small so take advantage of the reservations.
  • Service was great. We had a ton of attention. The place filled up fast, yet our service was still spectacular.
  • Drinks were great. They had tons of cocktails, great wine list and even though they didn’t have a lot of beers on tap, they had good beers on tap.
  • Pricing was a bit on the high side, because they are small dishes you do have to order a few and it does add up. But the quality of food is superb
  • 2nd Story is located in the Hosford-Abernathy area.

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