Banh Mi with a side of Lardo fries

1212 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR

I went to a Portland Food Adventure in February where I was completely surrounded by foodies, like from every side. We spent much of the time talking about different restaurants, which you know is an endless conversation with a city like Portland. Anyways, they began talking about Lardo and I said I had never been. I wasn’t sure if they wanted to take me to counseling, reprimand me on the spot or drive me there personally.  Seriously, they were all shocked I had not been. I went home and immediately bumped it up on my list of places to eat.

Fast forward a few weeks and I am now reporting from the other side….I have now been to Lardo. I even ordered the sandwich they told me to order. I was scared to not listen to these people.

Here’s what I like about Lardo. They have sandwiches that you won’t make. The have sandwiches that you didn’t even know existed.

The one sandwich which they said usually runs during the weekend was not running this weekend, but the Pork Meatball aka Banh Mi was being served. My husband and I both almost second guessed that suggestion until we were told by the staff to order it. I am so glad we listened. Talk about a festival of flavors in your mouth. It was our favorite and I can’t wait to go back.

Korean Pork Shoulder with kimchi

We also ordered the Korean Pork Shoulder because it’s not always on the menu. It was also fantastic!!  I also knew going into it that Lardo was a Beer heaven, so we also enjoyed a Double Mountain Red War, which I had never heard of and I’m a huge fan of Double Mountain and  we got an Oakshire Watershed IPA that was on Nitro. Lardo is definitely a favorite.

  • Atmosphere is just a regular sit down joint, nothing fancy. When the inside fills up there is a tent outside to seat more people.
  • Service was fine. You order at the counter and sit and wait. It does take awhile for the food to arrive, so be patient, but unlike another guy there, I think I would have asked before waiting for a whole hour for my food.
  • Pricing was ok.  It’s around $9 for a sandwich and it doesn’t come with any sides, those are extra, but let me tell you this meal is worth the price!!
  • Drinks were great. They had 14 beers on tap, a root beer on tap and a hard cider. Of those 14 beers 2 were on Nitro. They also had  small bar and could mix some drinks.  We sat at the counter and the drinks were flying out of there.
  • Lardo is located on Hawthorne, but they also have a second location downtown.

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  1. Jeff DeYoe says:

    the truest form of pork…. but it is really where the pork started…. tails and trotters has the best pork I have ever come across… thats truly Lardos fame”” .try the downtown Lardos too … its nice as well.. we just went there( hawthorne ) for oysters sunday… I was impressed on that deal… we go back this thursday at 2 for beer and cheese… what fun…. beer and cheese….. duh

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