Blue Star Donuts

Creme Brulee donuts from Blue Star Donuts

1237 SW Washington St
Portland, OR
(503) 265-8410
Blue Star Donuts

Watch out Portland, there’s a new donuts shop in town. These aren’t just any donuts, these are gourmet donuts. They get all their ingredients to make these bad boys locally. They open early in the morning and close when they run out of donuts. We got there at around 1, so I guess all things considered we had quite a selection. It changes daily as to what they have, luckily for me they still had creme brulee donuts left.

There were 3 of us, so we did get a variety of goodness. We tried the blueberry basil bourbon donuts. I didn’t realize there was basil in it until I took a bite. Wow, that was a lot of basil. I like basil, but not sure I want it on my donuts. The devils food chocolate cake was very rich, very moist and very tasty. I am glad I only had a bite, because it was pretty rich and it was a hefty slice.

Now for the one that I ordered, the creme brulee. I loved it. I don’t like creme filled donuts, but I liked this one. I liked how it was crusty on the outside and the creme brulee was very good. It’s cream, how can it not be good?

I did have a friend with me that is a donuts connoisseur. She goes everywhere looking for the best donuts. Her biggest complaint was the dough was not sweet enough.

Here is where Blue Star also sets themselves apart. The donuts, although big are $2.50- $2.75 each. I think that’s a bit high for a donut. Just my opinion.

Have you been to Blue Star? What do you think?

  • Atmosphere is like no other donuts shop you have ever been too. It’s clean, stark white and you can see the whole productions happening right there.
  • Pricing was a bit high for donuts.
  • Service was great. The line was short and it seemed to move along well.
  • The serve Stumptown Coffee
  • Blue Star Donuts is located downtown Portland

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