The Vaca Frita from Pambiche, with the Cubano Sandwich in the background.

2811 NE Glisan St
Portland, OR
(503) 233-0511

Pambiche is one of the most colorful, cheerful buildings in Portland. As a matter of fact, it was not even our destination on this day, but when we drove by we all gasped and said, “There’s Pambiche and there is no line!”

Our eating outing that day was to The Ocean to check out the food carts, gone brick and mortar. We sampled around quickly and then headed back for a full meal at Pambiche.

I do my homework when I go to a restaurant. There has to be something on the menu to lure me in, then I study the menu to see what else just might be awesome. I didn’t have time to plan ahead on this one and when I saw the menu, I wasn’t sure where to start. The menu here is huge!

We asked our server who gave some great suggestions. As he left the people next to us asked if we have ever been. We told  them this was our first visit and they began to help us with our choices. It was pretty awesome I have to say.

All that to say I ordered the Vaca Frita or “fried cow”.  It was marinated, shredded beef served with rice and beans. The flavor was really good and it was loaded with tons of grilled onions. I almost wished I had a tortilla to put it in. I got the rice and beans combo or the Moros & Cristianos.  I am so glad I ordered that, as it was super flavorful and very different from rice and beans.

My friend ordered the Enchilado de Pescado, which was a red snapper in a savory tomato and wine sauce. It was decadent. I rarely order fish entree’s but this dish would make me reconsider.  Tons of flavor running through this dish.

Enchilado de Pescado.

My other friend ordered the Cubano sandwich. It’s roasted pork with swiss cheese served on a cuban roll.  Again, great flavor and it was also a suggested item from our server. She was completely happy with her sandwich.

All in all, we were very happy with Pambiche. We were especially happy that we beat the lunch crowd and got to enjoy a great meal and good company making it an excellent time at Pambiche.

  • Atmosphere is electric and bright and fun. The space is very small, but there is a lot of outdoor seating during those warmer months.
  • Service was great. They checked on us often and they were super informative when we had questions.
  • Pricing was good. You got a good portion for your money.
  • I didn’t take time to check out the drinks. Sorry, it was lunch time and I usually just get water, even though it’s 5:00 somewhere.
  • Pambiche is located off of Glissan.

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