The Farm Cafe

Appetizers at The Farm Cafe

10 SE 7th Ave
Portland, OR
The Farm Cafe

With so many new restaurants opening up left and right sometimes the solid Portland Restaurants get neglected. I am sure to those that frequent places like The Farm Cafe don’t mind, because the waits are not as long.

I had been to The Farm Cafe quite a few years back and I really enjoyed it, but it kind of fell off my radar. The opportunity came for me to spend time on the town with a good friend that doesn’t have the opportunity to go out like I do, so I immediately knew I needed to take her here.

The Farm Cafe is a largely vegetarian menu, also serving fish and lamb.  And I just love their philosophy ::

Fresh is best and freshness is only achievable through direct farmer relationships. There is no need to over manipulate the flavor of a vegetable that’s been grown with love and care.

We went during Happy Hour and even though we did sit in the lounge we were told that it was served throughout the restaurant. On the Happy Hour menu that night was Broccoli Fritters. Of course we were going to order those and we were so happy we did. They were so good, it was hard not to order another round, but we didn’t because we also had the Baked Brie, which was pure cheesy goodness on bread.

Quinoa crusted Risotto cakes from The Farm Cafe. Pure goodness.

Enough with the Happy Hour menu, I wanted to get down to the good stuff. I ordered the Quinoa Crusted Risotto Cakes, which was served with Brussels sprouts, all on top of a root veggie puree. I promise I didn’t order the dish because of the brussels sprouts.  I would eat more vegetarian if I could figure out how to make it a meal. The Farm Cafe nailed it. This meal was completely satisfying. I ate every last drop, even after the 2 appetizers.

Mushroom Gnocchi from The Farm Cafe.

My friend ordered the Wild Mushroom Gnocchi. The gnocchi was melt in your mouth good and the sauce had just a slight kick keeping the whole thing interesting. It topped with wild mushrooms. Again, super filling and you finish feeling satisfied.  After three visits this place this place is definitely a favorite.

  • Atmosphere is two fold. You have this restored Victorian house that is quaint and romantic, but if you continue on to the lounge you are in a very Portland trendy space and they have a huge outdoor seating area.
  • Pricing is great. Good sized portions, great quality and completely satisfying.
  • They had a great beer selection on tap.  Pfriem was on the list and that is what I ordered.
  • Service was great, absolutely no complaints whatsoever.
  • The Farm Cafe is located on Burnside and 7th in an old restored Victorian house.


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