Hokusei Sushi

We tried a lot of different things. This is just sample of what we got.

4246 SE Belmont St. & 43rd Ave
Portland, OR
(971) 279-2161
Hokusei Sushi

Ok I am going to be completely honest with you. I love sushi. All of it. I just don’t know what anything is and I go so infrequently that I rarely remember what it is that I love.  And if I do remember it, I remember the English word for it, not the Japanese word for it. And if they do say the correct word I have to make them point to which one it is. It’s ok though, because it’s all part of the learning process.

We came to Hokusei from our gift certificate that we received after attending a Portland Food Adventure. I had not heard of it before, so it was a treat to find this place.

We enter the place and because it’s still early, there are quite of few tables and bar stools available. We tell her we want to sit at the bar and she takes us to these 2 seats right between 2 other people, and they just so happened to be talking to each other between the chairs. Mind you there are chairs every where. We sit down, even though it felt awkward, I even said “This is awkward” as we interrupted their conversation. Well you know what happened next?  We ended up having a super enjoyable evening with Victoria to our left and Ron to our right, who owns Jamie’s Dockside Diner. It became our own little Food Adventure, where you meet people, talk food (because it is Portland after all) and enjoy the total experience.I should not have expected any less since this gift certificate did come from a Portland Food Adventure.

We said pick some good stuff and this is what we got. Tuna, Salmon and Yellow Tail. The salmon was fantastic.

We had a great bartender that helped us order the perfect drink.  They have their own unusual drinks here, don’t skip out on those. Then our server came to help. We basically told him what I already told you. After our conversation we decided to try a few of his suggestions and let me tell you, he did not steer us wrong.  My favorite of the night was the fatty tuna. Victoria told us she liked hers seared, so we ordered another round seared(we needed to compare you know.) I still like the first one better. If you have never had Sashimi that melts in your mouth like butter, you have not had good Sashimi. Everything was incredibly fresh and flavorful. Out of everything we had there was only one thing I did not enjoy and that was the yellow tail. But not to worry, that’s my husbands favorite.

We also enjoyed a few rolls. Seriously it was all so good. I was having such a great time eating and enjoying and learning I wasn’t ready to quit eating, even when I was full.

Thank you Hokusei for an overall great experience.

  • Atmosphere is pretty sleek, clean lines. I liked the feel. They have a garage door that opens up during the warmer months. Great bar area where you can watch it all happening. Also a good place to bring kids, as we saw quite a few in there.
  • Pricing was competitive.  Good quality sushi and Sashimi is not cheap, but it’s well worth the money. They do have a happy hour, but we just barely missed it.
  • Drinks were great. Try any and all of their cocktails. I had the evening special with St. Germain, vodka, lemon juice and topped with champagne.  The drink actually had gin in it, but I’m not a fan of gin, so he changed it up for me. Loved the bartender!
  • Service was great. You get lots of attention at the bar. Well, me and my many questions get lots of attention, but they were awesome with us.
  • Hokusei is located on Belmont.

When you go to Sushi what do you order?


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  1. Yummm… I gotta try this place sometime. I think Japan ruined sushi for us. Now we just order the basic since nothing here is as good anyway.

    • On the great side, every Wednesday, a box arrives at Hokusei from the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. Always some wonderful surprises you seldom, if ever find in Portland sushi establishments.

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